Thursday, August 13, 2015

4 Factors that Make San Diego a Great City for Business Meetings

San Diego is fast becoming a popular city for meetings and conventions. According to an article in the San Diego Union-Tribune a technology company called Cvent ranked San Diego #4 in the country for meeting popularity (as cited in Weisberg, 2015).  What makes San Diego a great place to conduct meetings rests on 4 factors of Hospitality, Accessibility, Recreation, and Restaurants.

Few people pick a meeting spot in rural Alaska unless they are trying to engage in some corporate team building exercises. Instead they option for places like San Diego and Florida because they love the weather and fun that goes along with the resort style culture. The location hits the top of the list in desirability.

Hospitality: Tourism, hotels and resorts are already great attractions. There is little wonder why people prefer San Diego to other places. They are not coming only for the business meeting but all of the perks associated with such meetings.

Accessibility: San Diego is easily accessible with its airports and ports. Not only is there excellent foot traffic accessibility but also public transportation. Ride Sharing, Cabs, and alternative transportation are available for those visiting without cars.

Recreation: Once the meeting is over people want to do something fun. From downtown to the beaches there are plenty of activities and events. You can't get bored in San Diego!

Restaurants: If your looking for great places to eat San Diego offers some of the best selection of cuisine. Old Town, Gas Lamp, and Little Italy are some of the favorites. You might consider whale watching and dining tours.

Weisberg, L. (August, 12, 2015). San Diego No. 4 in U.S. for meetings. The San Diego Union-Tribune. Retrieved

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