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Green and Unique at Jungle Java

Coffee in a garden when you dwell in an urban setting is better than coffee just about any other imaginal place. Jungle Java offers more than your standard coffee shop options as they raise their value through providing a tropical environment with bubbling fountains and green potted plants. Its like sitting in the middle of a botanical garden without having to pay an entrance fee.

Coffee and tea can draw visitors but the quality of the offerings, the atmosphere, and their values make all the difference in encouraging people to come back.  Each aspect works together to create a total experience. Customers buy their coffee, sit among the foliage, and share like-minded perceptions of life.

Quality and Taste

Quality and taste are important if you desire to be a cut above your competition. If you are seeking the run of the mill gas station taste then simply brew at home. Coffee shops should focus on offering high quality favorites but also bringing the unique and novel to curious customers. It is an opportunity for customers to open up past their coffee comfort zone.


Most coffee patrons that take the time to lounge do so because they desire to get out of the house and sit in a socially active environment. Crates, books, and lawn chairs determine the servicescape. Providing this garden atmosphere makes Jungle Java memorable and brandable different from its competitors..

Value System

Their value system is rooted in nature and they support their beliefs through recyclable cups and selling potted plants. Next to each garbage can is a recycling bin where patrons are encouraged to put their cups, plastics, and cans. Easy access recycling bins make all the difference between customer actions to put the products in the recycling bin or the trash can.

Jungle Java is unique in its atmosphere and offers a greenhouse theme. Sipping lattes in a garden while listening to the sound of a bubble fountain creates the difference for patrons. It is an open air concept that sells all the plants they have on display. Head over to Jungle Java and sit under the daytime air for a while before moving onto other activities near the beach.

Jungle Java
5047 Newport Ave,
Ocean Beach, CA 92107


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