Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Webinar: Era Of Big Data: Tracking Students To Completion Using Longitudinal Data

Tuesday, June 17, 3:00-4:30 (Eastern)
online webinar

In all levels of education, the emphasis on using data to help improve student outcomes has never been greater. Institutions are collecting information on student characteristics, academic readiness, and eventual outcomes. As concentration increases, it is incredibly powerful to take a close look at tracking students through completion with longitudinal data. Using community colleges as a framework, this webinar will help participants think about their longitudinal student-level and course-level data, as well as applications of the data in their work.

We will begin with the fundamentals of longitudinal data and discover how researchers ask questions on data availability and evaluations of interventions. We will then use a sample dataset that records course-taking behavior over a number of years, and use commands in Stata (a general purpose statistical software package) to run descriptive statistics and create new variables using the extant data. Finally, we will apply this approach to a real research question and evaluate an intervention.

- Learn the fundamentals of longitudinal data structures
- Learn how to examine longitudinal data and account for missing observations
- Learn basic commands in Stata to create descriptive statistics and new variables
- Explore how to apply quantitative data analysis to real-life research questions
- Identify their own research questions that can be investigated using their institution's data

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