Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Google Cloud Hits the Market

Google’s Compute Engine (GCE) is now available to customers. It comes with a 99.95% service guarantee to ensure it is up and running most of the time. It is a cloud computing program that is available for commercial and personal customers. As a latecomer against Amazon, Google hopes to make their way into this potentially lucrative market that will likely impact engineering, higher education, government, and many other market sectors. 

The advantage of such systems is that they hedge the computing power of companies. Instead of buying lots of software and hardware it is possible to use the system at a cheaper price. It allows for collaboration with other companies for product generation and development.  One of the advantages will be the lower lead time to generate new products. 

As the price and functionality of the system improves more entrepreneurs will likely use the product to develop their own products and services.  You may play with and explore the system for free. Services and processing power will require entering billing information. You may watch the video below to learn more about the service.

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