Saturday, June 29, 2013

STEM Fields and Immigration Opportunities

STEM Fields are science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The new immigration bill would allow foreign students with Ph.D.s  from American Universities to obtain a green card while students with a Master’s Degree in the STEM Fields can petition for one. This helps in drawing in science related students that can further American interests in developing the nation and economy. 

Americans ranks 31st in science which means the foundations of innovation is very low when compared to other industrialized countries. Understanding how higher education and opportunities for those with the right skills is necessary to put their efforts to work in a positive and beneficial way. The immigration bill is part of this process of attracting candidates that can contribute the most to the economy.

The advantages to the program is that some of the world’s best and brightest minds become attracted to the nation and can find a way to use their new degrees in a way that will contribute to their own financial wellbeing as well as the strength of the country. These highly skilled workers are needed by technology companies and others in order to develop new products and services. 

A report called the Hidden STEM Economy indicates that 20% of all jobs require high skills in these areas. These jobs are located in construction, manufacturing, communications, healthcare, maintenance and repair. The majority of such jobs pay approximately 10% more than jobs with similar degree levels not inside these fields. Employment growth is likely to have aspects of these core competencies included in their descriptions.

The immigration system based upon educational attainment seems to have broad support. The rest of the immigration overhaul becomes extremely political by nature. Regardless of whether it is passed or not we know that educating students to take jobs in the scientific fields is important for innovation, development and the economy. Nations will have a hard time growing without discovery and science to lead the way.

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