Could Russia Use Nukes? A Possible Scenario

Strategy is one of those things and reach across the ocean and into the minds of adversaries and friends a like. Game Theory is one way in which researchers can understand the options and choices of multiple actors on the field. In this case we are talking about Russia and Ukraine but also includes the many other actors like the U.S.. Read the following frightful Nuke-Intelligence and the Game Theory article.  1. Putin could use nuclear weapon if he felt war being lost – US intelligence chief 2. Game theory modeling for the Cold War on both sides of the Iron Curtain I have a little experience modeling game theories for fun and have been sometimes successful at predicting ( ...not always but in the ball park. This is not a prediction just a discussion on different scenarios. ) Level K is where I sort of do well. However, what I'm going to say here is that you get the grasp that there are two different models at play ( There are mental trains of scientific thought that should be foll

Gun Violence Increases 20-21' (Pandemic Issue and Violence)

 -Between March 2020 and February 2021 the U.S. experienced 62,500 firearm-related incidents in the US. -Increase 15% over previous trends. The reports are concerning. We should differentiate between hunting rifles and those that are defensive vs. aggressive. Those that are designed as outward projecting should be using gun locks. We may also want to consider non-violent guns that are defensive and have no aggressive use. i.e. non-lethal self-defense guns. Gun ownership is great as long as the gun is related to self defense and/or hunting and not used for any other purposes. What are the solutions? Where there is the will there is the way!!!! Solving this problem takes the burden off police and the populace. Rise in gun violence during pandemic adds strain to overburdened hospitals Keep in mind that increases in violence in different locations means there could be underlining issues in play on a macro level  Add to that radicalism on left and right and the willingness to intimidate

Protesting Outside Supreme Court Justice Homes? The Right or Wrong Way to Voice Opinion?

There are things I may agree or disagree with when it comes to controversial issues such as abortion ( It really could be any issue people feel excited about i.e. elections, taxes, police, legislation, etc.. .). Yet whether left or right in one's leaning we want the judicial branch to be as reasonably independent as we can make it. It is part of the three legged stool that keeps our society together. We will be moving into new era as information, ideas, economic shifts and cultural adjustments spread in society (globally). Some will be good and some won't be so great. I believe it is best to maintain the lines of independence and keep official's families as far away from these issues as possible ( I know how this can family and I were targeted for having a different religion and race than some others .).  Once people begin to protest outside homes it creates a type of boundary crossing between home and work. In some ways it can also put people at risk because peop

River Boat in Louisville KY (Photo)

  If you like the picture Donate to Orphans I sort of do some of this as a hobby and when it does make a little money I try and donate some of that away. If your interested in purchase you can see my slowly developing online gallery (Don't laugh at my art!!!!!šŸ˜†) 

Investigating and Hold to Account Extremism and Corruption (Resolutions to Hate 05/09/2022)

 Extremism and hate are dangerous in our society and seem to be a supported activity within some social networks within our communities. While extremists, and their supporters, don't often feel that they are doing anything wrong, they rip at the foundations of what keeps our country intact and moving forward. Extremism is often mixed with other issues such as culture of bullying, official corruption, systemic bigotry in hiring practices and greed/fraud. It is a comingled factor that draws justification from other distorted viewpoints ( and out of social network. ) My family and I have been the target of extremism ranging from stalking, threats, rejection from opportunities and ostracization. Those that normally would have not engaged in these immoral and illegal behaviors were either silent or forced through power dynamics in their social networks to quickly align themselves to key perpetrators ( Not all but the pressures for conformity in this mediocre and now old sports gro

CIA director speaks out about Putin's mindset (Russia's Plan B and Desperation)

Russia is having a hard time and they are being stalled in their Plan B pursuits. CIA Director Bill Burns indicates that Russia will become more desperate and more bloody. He also indicates that they are trying to rebuild their great empire. Its deeply embedded into his perception of self and sense of personal values ( You can see that in his history of conflict and support within his prior KGB duties. ) Let me say I agree with Bill Burns on this one! Putin in a Cold War guy born and bred and wants to see his country return to its former glory. Ukraine must be a win for him and his country if he has any hope of claiming a level of victory ( least part of the country that is Russian speaking. šŸ¤·).  Desperation has set in and soldiers have taking a small back step ( based on previous losses ) and the use of armillary to obliterate the opposition has increased. With western superior weaponry he may find himself somewhat out ranged ( Threatening tactical nukes as an indication of psy

Cinco De Mayo 4th Street Louisville KY

 Very good times at Cinco de Mayo on 4th street in Louisville KY.