11 Million Job Openings and 9 Million Jobless-What Gives? (Training May Help)

There is always a natural balance between job openings and jobless that includes a type of cushion that when wages rise additional workers may be willing to jump into the market. The article, " Job openings reach historic high of almost 11 million. Why are 9 million still jobless ?" by Aimee Picchi helps us think about some of those issues.  There are lots of different ideas and thoughts about it. Some is related to COVID concerns and some of it may be related to a desire not to work at the same level. It may also be that there is a mismatch between the types of jobs opening and the type of skills currently available in the market.  Let us say for a moment you have high job openings but people don't have the background and right skills to engage in those jobs. That may mean higher levels of training skill and ability that helps to give people real opportunities to engage in the market are needed. No one wants to sweep floors if they can do something more meaningful ( not

Hate Behaviors and Law Enforcement-A Need for Healthy Balance and Accountability?

 We love our police and many of us grew up wanting to be an officer to help their communities thrive and grow. Sometimes there are just bad personalities that are attracted to law enforcement and then use their position to exploit, extort and harass others. Where hate behaviors become apparent there needs to be an effort to move beyond looking in the other direction into investigatory action. We have a responsibility to root out corruption and ensure our law enforcement agencies work for the common good of society.  First, corruption in general raises costs for everyone and exploits society for personal gain. It makes no difference if this is an officer (s) or this is a large corporation. The toll on society is increasingly apparent and the rest of us must flip the bill for everyone else. Keeping the system clean and efficient is important. Secondly, the integrity and trust of the justice system requires us to remove bad apples quickly. We have seen protests, radical groups, and increa

Delta County Business Development Monies-USDA Seeks Applications to Spur Job and Economic Growth in Rural Areas

There are monies available for U.P. businesses. Specifically Delta County Michigan is an under developed location with beautiful waterfront, affordable downtown commercial buildings, and lots of outdoor recreation. Those interested in starting a new business might want to consider the 200K ish to buy and start a business in downtown Escanaba or Gladstone. The area is in the process of being developed and some positive changes have also encourage local governance to make some adjustments to improve upon the business climate ( DC Start Ups and Esky-Glad Downtown ).  From a theoretical perspective this piece would be part of the financial and non-financial aspects of drawing business interest to the area. Local governments may also want to consider adjusting their websites to attract business and investment interests. DC Financial Info. The following was taken from Congressman Bergman' s 1st District newsletter.  Washington  - The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Deputy

Why Business Students Should Understand and Apply Theory (Industry-University Co-Development)

 Theory is one of those things that helps us understand the bigger picture but in and of itself must rely on working knowledge of how things function on the ground. One of the criticisms of higher education is that students might come with theory but not with practicality. Some of that is related to experience and some of that to exposure. Learning to apply theory within advance business education helps to make practicality out of what would considered "pie in the sky" thinking.  Let me say theory is not useless. It helps us create a mental model of how something works. When someone understands theory they are able to create abstractions of events in order to better adjust the factors toward a more beneficial end.  There are some theories that have been consistently tested to have a level of accuracy and in turn are able to be used by most practitioners with working knowledge. Other theories are unknown and obscure and may only partially explain events. The practical and theo

September 18th 2021 Capitol Rally of Concern to Authorities-Justice for J6

 I'm watching this video and protests are expected around the capitol and am concerned about a dangerous underbelly that has been given a free hand over the past 20 years. The most concerning part of this is the discussion that they may hit Jewish Centers and other liberal outlets while police are preoccupied with the capitol issues. There is some discussion on the Capitol Police Board and what security measures they will make. Planning for multiple scenarios. ( This is where strategy is important. ) Just a few thoughts. First I would say that security of the Capitol is important and planning for what might be expected and for multiple unknowns is important ( If the šŸ’© hits the fan being in the place of most options is beneficial ) . Its helpful to be flexible and have the right people in place to not only protect the capitol but also to have mobile police units that can be used to either support the capitol and/or deal with issues that arise on the streets ( Not to mention removab

Does Weaker Consumer Demand Help the U.S. Market?

I'm reading a Bloomberg article entitled ' How Weaker Consumer Demand Could Help the U.S. Economy ' by Karl Smith. There is some discussion on 2022 being a stronger year. The article further discusses a decrease in consumer demand and less pressure on wages that decreases inflationary pressure. Its a great article and it got me thinking about wages and investments in innovation.  The best of both worlds is that those who want to find a good job while at the same time being pushed to develop our wearable technologies, robotics, and other production enhancements. Strong wages and improved productivity can go well together in finding that balance between improving labor's economic share while at the same time being able to draw additional international investment interest.  Our next national path is likely to be based in our ability to improve on our human capital through education/training and labor enhancements that increase manufacturing diversity and keep costs competi

Delta County Firefighters Help Train With Other Departments

Volunteers Training Every community needs firefighters and a dedicated crew of first responders. Delta County is a rural place with beautiful waterfront and lots of opportunity. Full time firefighters are often connected with local public safety and a wider group of volunteers. Escanaba Township Fire Department does a lot of free training for and with the other departments in the area. They are centrally located and often donate older equipment to small area departments when newer equipment is donated.  They received donated truck but need to cover it so that is an opportunity to get a plague or something on it. So if your a company and/or government entity that has a few extra bucks Escanaba Township Fire Department would be one of the best places to donate ( I keep thinking a regional training yard for police, fire departments, and other uses would be helpful but that is just an opinion. One would have to get into the feasibility issues. We are located next to the National Forest, Wa