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Using Search Engine Behavior in Marketing Campaigns

Companies regularly seek out opportunities to improve their marketing campaigns to encourage higher levels of return from improved purchase rates. A paper by Ye, et. al (2014) discusses how companies use a number of metrics but often fail to incorporate search engine information into their marketing campaigns. By understanding how consumer interest leads to search behavior and eventual purchase companies can better design their marketing campaigns for greater effectiveness.  Sales do not happen in a vacuum and often rely on pre-existing interest among consumers. Search engines and sites like Google Trends, Adwords, and others track search behavior of consumers. With 80%+ of consumers using the search engine to find information it can be used to help to develop stronger marketing processes that lead to higher sales.  The search engine becomes a gateway to purchasing behavior based upon the cognitive processes of the consumer and the word choices he or she uses to find inf

Consumers Opt for Online Shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday rose 18% this year totaling $1.74 billion according to comScore. This reflects the largest volume in history so far. In addition, IBM reported that online sales during Black Friday were up 20% this year. This increase is not due to in-store shopping. Consider that ShopperTrak reported in-store sales on Black Friday declined 13.2% while foot traffic decreased 11.2%. Total sales for Thursday and Friday increased a modest 2.8% for both days. What does all this mean? It means that more people are opting to purchase items online. They are becoming accustomed to searching out the products and services they desire and scouring the Internet for the best deals. Their high-powered shopping capacity may not get the very best deals but saves them considerable time and effort. Even those who decided to hit the stores used the Internet to find the best Black Friday deals. They can find deeper discounts on the shelves than online but must make considerable personal investment to