M777 Howitzer 155mm in Ukraine to Increase Range

The Howitzer in Ukraine will influence the battle especially if it forces Russian artillery out of range. That will require commitment by troops and in smaller batches. Supplies will also be slowed down to the front lines also needing to be delivered in smaller batches. Ukrainians still have an issue with planes and bombing so there will need to be additional protection from this thereby limiting air superiority. Once they are shielded/covered it is a numbers and strategy issue until something new is inserted (Beware of small scale tactical nukes and chemical weapons as Russian contingency. More Russian troops would eventually impact support for the conflict in Russia.). Germany and Netherlands are also providing Howitzers to increase range. 

(FYI on equipment in the Digital Era military technologies. As equipment develops there should always be independent manual overrides. The old way and easier to use by those that aren't highly trained.).


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