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UAP Congressional Meeting (05/17/2022) Data Buckets and Triangulation

Same process that is used to study COVID can be used to discuss UAP. HERE . That means one can create buckets for all of the major possible outcomes and then create an unknown bucket for things we don't have a conception of. As each piece of data is discovered it is placed in the buckets in which it applies. More data leads to some buckets having more data than others. Once you went through that data you can start thinking about creating an understanding of how that bucket may or not be explained through development of justification with the use of data. Those buckets that have the most data and have the most parsimonious theoretical explanations would be your leading theory. Likewise looking for other sources of data (i.e. different observations and sensors) can lead to creating validity (i.e. pilot site, multiple sensors, multiple incidents, etc.). You can read more about Triangulation HERE . 

The Great Replacement Theory and Extremism: There is more to this!

Everyone is talking about the Great Replacement Theory and all the experts are coming out to give their opinions. They all have a piece of how it impacts extremism in this country but might be missing a few things. This theory is only part of the general problem, issue and resolution. We knew this problem was brewing for some time and until we almost took down our nation and capital as we dragged our feet on bipartisan solutions ( Its a collective problem ).  It is rooted in some people's belief in the symbolism of culture and political power and what our country should look like. I'm a light right Republican and believe that the Constitution is our overriding social contract and that applies to all peoples ( That is not a debate on our immigration polices, the numbers, etc.. .) but it is a debate on how perceived changes in national demographics are being used to heighten fear ( Why I have been advocating for GOP to be more inclusive of differences. They are great people and I

Escanaba Marina Has Open Slips: Filling Up Fast! (Marinas and Investment)

Today I just paid for my fishing boat broadside slip. There are still a few spots left. Escanaba is an underdeveloped place that certainly has opportunities for investment downtown, hotel, industry and perhaps a hotel run marina. That also includes development of ship building capacity and other important things. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box . ⌧ Other readings.... Why Companies and Investors Should Hedge American Start-Ups and Small Business for Long Term Growth (Delta County Hedge-Equity Fund Conception) Cancun or Escanaba? Would a shuttle between marina, downtown, hotels and mall help? Escanaba Hotel and Jail Site Development Meeting: Waterfront, Hotel, Housing and Nautical Considerations Important Excellent facilities with visitor docks. Come visit and invest. We need you! 

USS Minneapolis St Paul Leaves Escanaba May 13, 2022

That is cool. We build/fix boats now which is awesome. Go Navy!!! You can read more about the Freedom Class Ship

Mo and His Gal: Life Goes On!

I know the blog is a little heavy sometimes. Anyway, Mo is my horse and he is pretty well trained as a general horse. That is his girlfriend. I have no idea her name but as he walked by she was making all types of noised. As soon as he got into the paddock she ran over to him. The lady that works in the stables says they are a real couple. Life is simple....its kind of cute! Life Goes On!!! (Mo is tan/left)

UFOs Congressional Hearing: Why We Should Make Sure You Have Creative People Involved

 UFO Congressional hearing will look at UFO's and have a meeting. You can watch it live HERE . The committee will be held under the House Intelligence Committee's Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Counterproliferation Subcommittee . Its an important topic to look at. According to Politico HERE there are Harvard scientists that want to look at the data. That is great but we should probably think out of the box beyond existing theories. Let me put a word of caution about elite education. I love Harvard, Yale, etc.. ( and even flunked a class from one of their extension program s.) What I am going to say is that highly socialized people from similar backgrounds with the same professors is not the full way to go in situations like this. You need mental diversity and new ways of thinking about unknown problems. While a team of scientists might include half of these interconnected, similar thinking, data diggers ( nothing wrong with it. I'm just being jealous because I

Biden Addresses Buffalo Shooting At Law Enforcement Memorial

President Biden discusses hate and how we should find solutions. In many ways there are multiple factors that relate to mental health, social groups, social media, false perceptions, devaluing of human life, hyper politics, rapid change globally, etc... We often call this the internal factors that are adjusting to external pressures ( i.e. live streaming hate through social media and in turn actively fighting it through stronger mental feedback loops through cognitive engagement and creating new neural networks through self interest . I wonder if it is possible to change perception by providing the type of  information that forces extremists on these networks to think about the meaning of information to solve problems that lead them to greater awareness of the dangers of such beliefs? {work and hook} {Kind of like those books that you pick a choice and then jump to a page.} Tools of the digital era?  🤔 Sorry thinking out of the box. Forget it...the old ways seems to be working good en

The History of Manistique: Rebuilding Through Devastation

 Its interesting because histories in the U.P. are long and are not that far removed from our roots. Many times downtowns look similar to what they did 100's of years ago. We are a hardy people who have become accustomed to rural wood like living on the Great Lakes. 

Buffalo Shooting Shows Why Challenging Hate is Not a Waste of Time

Signs of extremism are often present and easy to detect if one knows the behavior characteristics ( Its not race or religion specific ). I have advocated for early intervention through mental health avenues to code and understand bigger issues that have led to situations such as the Buffalo shooting and the sacking of our Capitol. As with many important issues we face it isn't of concern unless it impacts our political elite in some way and typically by then their bat swing is beyond the ball.  My family and I have been subjected to targeting by a group of ex mediocre sports players from 30 years ago who were supported by what appears to be local  corruption among a few close associate officers of the group ( Most are good people but are socialized to blindly support their friends leaving them in the passive support category. That's a soft problem to solve. I have some ideas on it. ).   Multiple incidents of racial slurs and provocative aggressive behaviors that could have led

Supreme Court Abortion Opinion Leak-Cool or Not Cool?

Let me say that I don't think it is a good idea to leak information out of drafts because they are unfinished opinions and thoughts. While an investigation is likely to determine who did it and what their motives are I'm leaning on the side of "Not cool".  It was a misuse of inside information and appears designed to cause serious harm to an institution. Just because someone has a personal and political perspective doesn't mean they have the right to cause chaos and/or undermine the trust in their position ( It looks on the surface like a bad Karma move ).  You can read the article ' Clarence Thomas says abortion leak has changed Supreme Court '  Its sad but I believe this person should be held to account. We see radicalism growing on different fronts ( Republicans and Democrats ) and perspectives and its difficult getting a handle on it. It wasn't long ago I was also a target of bullies ( and in some cases bigots ) and that is not always an easy thing

Invest UP: UP Businesses Want to Increase Population and Boost Economy

 The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a place where small towns reside and a high quality of living is experienced. Its not necessarily about super high paying jobs but about the emersion in nature and the friendly small town vibe. That being said their is room for additional jobs and work. It looks like some of the larger businesses are trying to make some changes.  Read the article Large UP businesses look to increase population, boost economy  to understand some of the ideas that are coming forward.  One approach they are thinking about is retaining more of the 21,000 higher education students across the Upper Peninsula. I think that is a good strategy. You can read about InvestUP .  I also think there are other strategies that might work such as a attracting small business, job placement locally when they are near graduation ( would likely help much if they have a reason to stay ), and thinking out of the box on how the Internet, global environment and small communities can create

Pence and Trump Part Ways in Georgia: Where are They Going Next?

There is an internal debate going in in the GOP over who will back who and where the party is heading. Currently Trump is the leading candidate but there are others within the party that want something different. These are also big donors and powerful people so the party will be moving in two different support directions that will be further highlighted in the primary races. You can read more about this in the NPR article by Deepa Shivaram  entitled, ' Pence will rally for Georgia Gov. Kemp, defying Trump, who backs David Perdue ' Pence will support Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Trump will Support David Perdue  (I know its part of the title above.).  Its an interesting race. That is why I encourage GOP to be neutral from the beginning because ultimately the people have sort of decide who would be their top leaders. That will influence the nature of politics and the direction of the nation.  Why Its Important for the GOP Leadership to Stay Neutral in Party Debate To Trump or not

Ohio River: Flooded this time of year

Checking out a few food joints off the Ohio River. Seems flooded. Probably part of the spring. This is a small river leading to the larger Ohio River. A cool little casual bar. Harrods Creek Tavern

M777 Howitzer 155mm in Ukraine to Increase Range

The Howitzer in Ukraine will influence the battle especially if it forces Russian artillery out of range. That will require commitment by troops and in smaller batches. Supplies will also be slowed down to the front lines also needing to be delivered in smaller batches. Ukrainians still have an issue with planes and bombing so there will need to be additional protection from this thereby limiting air superiority. Once they are shielded/covered it is a numbers and strategy issue until something new is inserted (Beware of small scale tactical nukes and chemical weapons as Russian contingency. More Russian troops would eventually impact support for the conflict in Russia.). Germany and Netherlands are also providing Howitzers to increase range.  ( FYI on equipment in the Digital Era military technologies. As equipment develops there should always be independent manual overrides. The old way and easier to use by those that aren't highly trained. ).

My Four Top Concerns For the Nation

My four top concerns.... 1.) Geopolitics and U.S. Competitiveness: We got real players out there like China and Russia and were still struggling with basic strategy formation. All of our doctors and scientists are focused on little slices but not on putting all those slices together. Forest and trees discussion. Rewarding specialists in the market and suppressing generalists that can utilize the information into broader useful frameworks.  2.) U.S. Military: I'm less concerned about their capacity and more concerned about the political environment that encourages/discourages adaptability and funding for new emerging technologies. Kind of why I have a transactional innovation theory that can be used to speed up industries but also come out with tangible outcomes that are practical for the military (...can also increase development of communities). May or may not be worth much. Its just a puzzle. 3.)  Hyper Politics and Radicalism : Both sides got it wrong! They are fighting over s

Fed to Raise Inflation Rates to Cool Economy

The economy is an important thing! A strong economy is awesome! The Federal Reserve is trying to raise interest rates to slow down the economy. Perhaps there is a different way then slowing down the economy. What if we push the system to move toward the center of the supply chain to the highest value outputs and push the lower output production to our allies and partners?  In other words we maximize our national value of our labor and production by improving outputs through increased creative productivity of employees and augmenting human limitations with new wearable technologies that improve human labor productivities ( i.e. lowering pressure on hiring shortages. In other words, do you want wasted human capacity doing low level work or do you want them doing high level work and in turn using technology to master lower level activities. That can come through new tech and limited contracts with others. ).  We want to draw investment but still lower pressure on labor through pushing it

Escanaba City Hall Meeting (Balancing Budgets and Attracting Business May 5th, 2022)

 Its amazing that people came out on this level to support the library. Its also amazing the people are willing to stand for a good cause. I also agree keeping the police and fire department D oor C ams is important ( Its good data that gives insight to prosecute criminals and learn from mistakes. Also sorry inside sort of joke but in a round about way I guess I can ask City Hall for better digital cam funding as long as they can raise their revenue....working on it! {developing ideas for raising revenue and drawing business} Might consider a few cams downtown in the party zone if future funding improves. Just make sure the quality is good for zooming. 🤔 📷 😮 That is what a community look out for each others interest and the long term health of the people. Supporting our public safety is part of that process and ensuring they have the funding is important. Let us not cut there. They are doing important work. Economic, social, institutional, etc.. .). We should never think o

Captains Quarters Riverside Grille Louisville KY

If your in the Louisville area you might really like to visit the Captains Quarters . Very cool place, great food and location.  

Could Russia Use Nukes? A Possible Scenario

Strategy is one of those things and reach across the ocean and into the minds of adversaries and friends a like. Game Theory is one way in which researchers can understand the options and choices of multiple actors on the field. In this case we are talking about Russia and Ukraine but also includes the many other actors like the U.S.. Read the following frightful Nuke-Intelligence and the Game Theory article.  1. Putin could use nuclear weapon if he felt war being lost – US intelligence chief 2. Game theory modeling for the Cold War on both sides of the Iron Curtain I have a little experience modeling game theories for fun and have been sometimes successful at predicting ( ...not always but in the ball park. This is not a prediction just a discussion on different scenarios. ) Level K is where I sort of do well. However, what I'm going to say here is that you get the grasp that there are two different models at play ( There are mental trains of scientific thought that should be foll

Gun Violence Increases 20-21' (Pandemic Issue and Violence)

 -Between March 2020 and February 2021 the U.S. experienced 62,500 firearm-related incidents in the US. -Increase 15% over previous trends. The reports are concerning. We should differentiate between hunting rifles and those that are defensive vs. aggressive. Those that are designed as outward projecting should be using gun locks. We may also want to consider non-violent guns that are defensive and have no aggressive use. i.e. non-lethal self-defense guns. Gun ownership is great as long as the gun is related to self defense and/or hunting and not used for any other purposes. What are the solutions? Where there is the will there is the way!!!! Solving this problem takes the burden off police and the populace. Rise in gun violence during pandemic adds strain to overburdened hospitals Keep in mind that increases in violence in different locations means there could be underlining issues in play on a macro level  Add to that radicalism on left and right and the willingness to intimidate

Protesting Outside Supreme Court Justice Homes? The Right or Wrong Way to Voice Opinion?

There are things I may agree or disagree with when it comes to controversial issues such as abortion ( It really could be any issue people feel excited about i.e. elections, taxes, police, legislation, etc.. .). Yet whether left or right in one's leaning we want the judicial branch to be as reasonably independent as we can make it. It is part of the three legged stool that keeps our society together. We will be moving into new era as information, ideas, economic shifts and cultural adjustments spread in society (globally). Some will be good and some won't be so great. I believe it is best to maintain the lines of independence and keep official's families as far away from these issues as possible ( I know how this can family and I were targeted for having a different religion and race than some others .).  Once people begin to protest outside homes it creates a type of boundary crossing between home and work. In some ways it can also put people at risk because peop

River Boat in Louisville KY (Photo)

  If you like the picture Donate to Orphans I sort of do some of this as a hobby and when it does make a little money I try and donate some of that away. If your interested in purchase you can see my slowly developing online gallery (Don't laugh at my art!!!!!😆) 

Investigating and Hold to Account Extremism and Corruption (Resolutions to Hate 05/09/2022)

 Extremism and hate are dangerous in our society and seem to be a supported activity within some social networks within our communities. While extremists, and their supporters, don't often feel that they are doing anything wrong, they rip at the foundations of what keeps our country intact and moving forward. Extremism is often mixed with other issues such as culture of bullying, official corruption, systemic bigotry in hiring practices and greed/fraud. It is a comingled factor that draws justification from other distorted viewpoints ( and out of social network. ) My family and I have been the target of extremism ranging from stalking, threats, rejection from opportunities and ostracization. Those that normally would have not engaged in these immoral and illegal behaviors were either silent or forced through power dynamics in their social networks to quickly align themselves to key perpetrators ( Not all but the pressures for conformity in this mediocre and now old sports gro

CIA director speaks out about Putin's mindset (Russia's Plan B and Desperation)

Russia is having a hard time and they are being stalled in their Plan B pursuits. CIA Director Bill Burns indicates that Russia will become more desperate and more bloody. He also indicates that they are trying to rebuild their great empire. Its deeply embedded into his perception of self and sense of personal values ( You can see that in his history of conflict and support within his prior KGB duties. ) Let me say I agree with Bill Burns on this one! Putin in a Cold War guy born and bred and wants to see his country return to its former glory. Ukraine must be a win for him and his country if he has any hope of claiming a level of victory ( least part of the country that is Russian speaking. 🤷).  Desperation has set in and soldiers have taking a small back step ( based on previous losses ) and the use of armillary to obliterate the opposition has increased. With western superior weaponry he may find himself somewhat out ranged ( Threatening tactical nukes as an indication of psy

Cinco De Mayo 4th Street Louisville KY

 Very good times at Cinco de Mayo on 4th street in Louisville KY. 

KFC Hungry!!!!!!!!

Visitor info Kentucky. Now I'm hungry!!! Cornerstone Company.

Why I Disagree With Corruption (Advice on institutional Change in an Era of Rapid Transformation)

Corruption is a destructive force and designed to hide the truth and exploit resources. We corruption functioned in places like around Detroit. ( I say around Detroit because it was as much, if not more, an issue of the places around Detroit versus Detroit itself. There were lots of dirty hands in the pot. ) The dangers of not investigating complaints when they arise is inherently dangerous and reduces the viability of cities (... and in many ways can be seen as a precursor for nations that do not take corruption seriously ) as well as the integrity of the wider system. It is important to remember that our institutions are designed to ensure that they fulfill the needs of society. If they become derailed from their stated mandates their value begins to decline. An institution that would normally be seen as beneficial is now see with suspect. It makes no difference the institution but it does matter its ability to fulfill with integrity its societal function free self-interest.  The Pri

Happy Mother's Day: Honor and Cherish the Past with the Power of Present

Our mothers are very important and perhaps one of the most important people in our early lives. They can be good or they can be bad. In my case, I had a great mother, kind, loving, empathetic who had a backbone. I'm proud that I am much like her and have been told that many times in my life. That is something I am proud of and I guess in many ways inherited through our genetic line.  She adopted a kid, donated to the poor, was a successful business person and cared immensely about people. A trail blazer for women in business who even gave money to an abused girl. That doesn't mean that all of the people in her life felt the same way. This is one of the reasons why I now look with some disdain on this constant search and accumulation of money no matter what the cost.  We all know that death brings grief but it can also brings the best and worst out of people. Where darkness already existed it can heighten that disease to bubble over the social boundaries that keep it at bay. It

The Destructive Nature of Lies and Those Who Support Them (Social Groups)

I always thought of most people as truth seeking and desiring to have the best outcomes. What we find is that is often not the case. Lies are often believed because people lack critical thinking and alternative explanations. However, lies can also be dangerous and can harm, destroy, damage or sometimes kill. It may also put our institutions as serious risk ( i.e. the capital riots ) and destroy credibility ( people and institutions )if they are not up to the task of tackling societal distortions. Sometimes lies are not innocent and can lead to all types of damage to those they are designed to harm and those that must navigate their way through them. I'm a believer that truth brings growth and also a believer that lies bring chaos ( On an individual and on a national level ). While truth can be subjective depending on what race, religion, political party or background one belongs, the essentials of truth reach across all of them ( i.e. why I believe our institutions should focus on