Anniversary of September 11th-Americans Overcome but Still Have Work To Do!


We shall never forget!
We will overcome!
Some of us still believe!
September 11th, 2001 will forever be burned in our national conscious as the day the world went silent. It also started a new era and brought forth a commitment to eradicate extremism where ever we find it. As we face extremism in our hometowns today we must now rise to that challenge again in a way that requires real commitment from our politicians, judges and business leaders to get on board. We can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to the new monster brewing under our beds. It will take a nation of forward thinking people to thwart extremism no matter the perpetrators race, religion, ideology. America is based in a dream of freedom and the ability of people to be their very best through the universalization of its values.

We may have withdrawn from Afghanistan but the real fight over extremism may have just started. We need new tools to deal with domestic issues. Michigan Hate Crime Reform. Let us just hope our national leaders take these concerns seriously and look at these complex problems anew! This is not the time to drop the torch. May God give them the foresight to see forming trends and stand to master those challenges.


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