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Economy Grew Just A Little More Than Expected 2Q 2021-The Digital Economy and Manufacturing Can Grow Together

Can development  in internet/information push manufacturing to innovate with co-development technologies (virtual and physical adaptations)? Internet Association The US Economy Grew a little more than originally thought (6.5 to 6.6)on consumer spending and exports. We can increase those export numbers and reduce those supply lines back to U.S. if we seek to protect our future economic authority. We have opportunities to put ourselves above the Chinese system while attracting more international investment. Finding our path into the digital economy will likely define what that landscape looks like for a lot of other countries. We have the U.S. dollar and underlining post WWI economic structures that can push our growth into new platforms with the right support. Watching the factors that contribute to the Digital Economy and the digitization of the American economy will help provide some insight into our most advantageous economic steps moving forward.  " The GDP estimate released to

Pentagon Confirms Last Plane Out of Afghanistan-Did We Plant A Seed?

 General McKenzie discusses the departure of the last plane in Afghanistan. Its interesting because were able to turn a pretty difficult situation (collapsing of Afghanistan Army) leaving us no time to depart in an order fashion. We did a great recovery and as the Taliban filled the power vacuum we are able to create "understandings" with them that while we may have fought in war there are opportunities to secure the area from ISIS-K infiltration.  The "understanding" that the Airport and equipment would be left to them as long as they secured our departure (I bet ISIS-K didn't' expect that!😲). That wouldn't happen unless there was a diplomatic effort to secure the safe departure of others that decided to stay and/or leave at a future date. You can review the diplomatic effort by the world community to secure free passage.  This are interesting times. Diplomatic efforts will take time but the final days of conflict has show it is possible to come to som

Thursday August 19, 2021 Escanaba City Council Meeting- Tourism Up 40%!

Keeping up with the local news makes you an informed citizen that understands the happenings and activities of our town. Mostly its fun to watch (Its probably not for everyone!). I've seen some great city management and poor city management and Escanaba seems to be well managed.  Unfortunately I was traveling and working on some projects so didn't get the time to watch prior. Budgets...who doesn't love budgets !😱  ok....a couple of thoughts..... From a process standpoint it appears that if the amount of money needed is over a certain amount  (I think they said $6K but I'm too lazy to go back to look.) above and beyond the budgeted amount it needs City Council approval.  Octoberfest was approved and the proceeds go to the  United Way . Public Safety indicates they don't have any issues with the event so that is good to know (Just have a designated driver. 🚨👮🚓). It is a good cause and charities help people feel engaged in fun activities matched with contributing t

97 Nations Announce Afghans Can Leave-Global Community Supports Peaceful Evacuation

  U.S. Department of State  (U.S. Foreign Policy Arm) indicates that Taliban and 97 other countries have come out with a joint understanding to allow Americans, other countries, and Afghanis to leave the war torn country safely. You can watch National security adviser Jake Sullivan's message below. That is some positive news and hopefully it will allow for dialogue with Afghanistan and encourage them to take a pro-social stance toward the world ( ....versus going in the route of Iran. It should be noted there are different brands of Islam based upon which school of thought one follows. There is a very rich cultural history that parallels our own with examples of people who showed mercy and kindness as as well as strength and fighting. Some versions focus more on the fighting aspects while others on the peace and admin side of things. A group can be defined by what it focuses on and how it seeks to establish a position. In ISIS-K they are focused on Jihadism more than Admin. The Tal

President Biden Gives Speech Hurricane Ida

President Joe Biden discusses Federal response to Hurricane Ida. We hope everyone helps and chips in to help our neighbors, friends and strangers get through a tough time.  " Life-threatening storm surge, hurricane-force winds and heavy rains are expected across multiple states. If you are in the forecast path, complete final preparations as soon as possible, monitor local news for updates and directions provided by their local officials, and heed local evacuation orders. Being prepared now will help you stay safe ." Hurricane IDA FEMA Site You can donate through the Red Cross  

ISIS-K Commits Attack-Risks American Backlash Through Adaptive Strategies

Afghanistan is changing before our eyes and how it approaches issues will determine what it will become and its options thereafter. The Taliban have a responsibility to end the attacks by ISIS-K and ensure that Americans (and helpers) can leave without further conflict (It may make sense for them to open the door as wide as possible for people who want to leave.). There are differences between the Taliban, ISIS and Al-Qaeda and sometimes they may fight with each other. Lets throw out the discussion of Al-Qaeda because they don't really fall into the serious threat category in Afghanistan. We are then left with ISIS-K and Taliban as appropriate discussion points. Taliban vs. ISIS They are said to not like each other but do share some similarities of fighting style and learned techniques meaning at some point they came from similar background (i.e. fighting against the Soviets and the skills learned there. Low cost and highly mobile.) However, Taliban is about Islamic law in Afghanis

Corruption in Detroit FBI and MSP Raid Officials Home-The Saga Continues.....

Linked to Detroit Free Press Article Corruption is a drag on economic activity and generally makes regions/countries that have higher levels of it weaker and poorer. Corruption has been a problem in the making and the way we relate to each other, integrate our lives (and lifestyles) and develop a shared sense of national vision (i.e. its that darn Universal thing that keeps popping up!).  This has been going on for a long time and officials throughout the system didn't have a moral problem with being on the "take". Any source of money and/or other resource was stolen from those who needed it (i.e. schools, children, city services and residents) and put in the pockets of officials and businessmen/women (...not necessarily all local).  Its easy to point fingers isn't it? That system exists within a larger system of people who have been encouraging and profiting from such behaviors for a long time (There were a lot of blind eyes going on.). It also exists because of long

Firefighting in California-Battling the Blaze!

Cub found in tree Lake Tahoe The LA Fire Department, along with many other departments, are fighting a nasty fire in northern California. Firefighters are out there battling these flames and often put themselves in harms way. Supporting such firefighters in a time of global warming and climate change is going to be helpful. They will also need to update equipment and learn new skills (This is something robots and AI could definitely help with). The donation organization  Center for Disaster Philanthropy offers information on active fires " California – Active fires There are 11 active, large fires burning in California and they have burned 1,309,959 acres ". If you want to donate to help restore the forest you may do so at American You can check the US. Fish and Wildlife Serve and some of the animals they are saving  HERE .  (Side note: I wrote something a little while back to support volunteer firefighting in Delta County Michigan. It might still be a great place

GoLocal at Walmart to Be Competitive-Small Business and Customers

Walmart has taken a slightly different approach to digitization and competition with Amazon. While its building its online competitiveness it also is seeking to improve delivery service. They are going to deliver your product in 2 hours or less. That is pretty fast and that will change some of the landscape of delivery if it is able to connect small business and consumers more closely. We should expect these delivery times to improve as as the digital technology creates efficiencies in the supply chain and allows them to manage these many smaller deliveries on a more macro scale. If they extend this to smaller manufacturers that may give them also an outlet for their products (I will have to see how to add mallets.) Thus, instead of criticism of hurting small business within an area they could consider being a conduit for those products and services that are unique but may have wider appeal beyond Walmarts shelf and into a more global offering. In other words, they can help build local

Congressman Bergman Sends Message to Vets

Congressman Berman sends out messages from time to time via his email distribution list. Because he is the Representative from Michigan's 1st Congressional District his news important for understanding what is going on in the area. This message is a particularly nice one I thought I would forward because of all the stuff that is going on in Afghanistan (His service fits well with the unique veteran demographic returning home from decades of fighting).  It is important to remember that veterans have helped to protect our freedoms and when they land back in the States they often serve their communities with the same tenacity.  They are next generation leaders, business owners, and community supporters.  Transcript: As a Vietnam Veteran and a Commander responsible for the deployment of thousands of Marines to Afghanistan, I’m taking this opportunity to address you, my fellow Veterans, as we endure together the deeply disturbing stories and images coming out of Afghanistan. Here’s the

Fastest Growing Industries 2021-Places for Towns to "Reconnect" to the Global Supply Chain

Understanding which industries are growing in 2021 tells us how our economy is transitioning and changing. What we want to see is improvement in certain industries that indicate that the economy is moving in a beneficial direction. In the article, ' 2021 U.S. GDP By Industry ' by Andrew DePietro there is a discussion on a breakdown of leading industries... GDP by Industry 1.) Real Estate $4 trillion. 2.) Manufacturing $6.4 trillion 3.) Professional and business services $4.5 trillion. The information is from the BEA which stands for the Bureau of Economic Analysis. See GDP 2nd Q .  The author includes a list of a number of industries.  I keep thinking about how this applies to Delta County Michigan and how they can capitalize on emerging trends so locals can attract jobs and enhance/enrich lifestyle (...not that its not great now!). For example, lets say the military & space industries are coming to the UP, there is an increase in manufacturing and in turn warehousing &

The Oath of Office-Attracting The World's Talent~!

 In our nation we respect differences and we seek to blend our peoples into a single national spirit that soars above the petty rhetoric of the day. It makes no difference your race, religion, or culture because we need this diversity to navigate a shifting environment. We are universalizing our nation (whether we consciously aware or not) to attract the highest quality talent from across the globe. Warriors, poets, and free thinkers can apply! We are bound by our Constitution........

American Veterans Help Evacuating Afghans with "digital Dunkirk"-Crowdsourcing Help

Veterans don't stop serving their country when they shake their dusty boots off back in the U.S.. They continue to serve their friends and people they knew back in Afghanistan years after knowing them. Because the situation is deteriorating, we don't know exactly how much, these veterans want to help people who are trying to leave Afghanistan do so. There are stories of some level of harassment of people trying leave (. ...not sure of how much and to what extent as it seems different reports are being released to he public ). However, strategically I think that the Taliban should let whomever wants to leave to just go without any problems. Its a better omen then the many other options they currently have and in turn can go a long way if they seek "normalization" in the future ( T he cold war may have started last year and chances are Afghanistan will be a piece in this. :(. ) All life is precious and we hope that people who want to leave can do so peacefully and witho

Why Its Difficult to Root Out Hate? Cultural Confirmation

No matter what religion you practice, race you belong, or continent you come from there are people within communities that hate (and of course those who do not hate.). Once someone identifies their nation with their race/religion there is going to be problems for everyone else that doesn't fit into that mold. Religion, race and culture are tied together in a way that makes it difficult for people to step outside their personal identities to consider the needs of others and/or the greater needs of their nation. The vast majority of population will never truly see beyond what is in the benefit for themselves to what is in the benefit of everyone (A limiting human condition).  The problem we often face with dealing with such issues is that we lack unison of purpose. There are laws, some check in with their moral conscious, and there may be a general societal interest to help guide us but sometimes we get it wrong. The problem is that when push comes to shove, few are willing to step o

Hurricane Henri Nears-New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Declares State of Emergency

Hurricane Henri is on its way and its possible people may be without power for days. Our power grid has problems and isn't designed to reroute power quickly or with ease (and take from different sources) in the case of emergencies. With increasing storms, hacking, and even sabotage we have to consider some of the merits of developing a hardy and dexterous system that can draw and pull from multiple sectors/sources. Perhaps our infrastructure bill can address some of these issues in our most populated areas. Rural areas may be better off having using at least a percentage of all power drawn from local power sources that can be more fully utilized in cases of emergencies (I guess it could be used as one additional source to feed a larger system if necessary as well. Thus its a back-up source for locals and a secondary sources for more national oriented emergencies.) 

Reports of Beating Americans in Afghanistan-Choices Lead to Future Outcomes

 Americans are at their heart a good people seeking to spread a message of freedom of religion and the hope for international peace ( As a general creed ). When I hear reports of Americans being beaten while leaving the country I become concerned not only for their safety but the bigger message offered. It does nothing for the long term viability and recognition of an emerging nation-state ( I 'm assuming that is what they would want in the long run....but it would seem to be their next logical step. ). Americans ( That include me even though there are a few fellow countrymen that might not like diversity in their country. America is an idea of democracy and freedom of faith I believe in and have swore an oath to uphold from a Constitutional perspective . ) have already made the commitment to leave and harassing them on the way out is going to leave many with a sour taste in their mouth and likely counter intuitive to future international recognition. I'm biased and pro-America

Restoring Trust in Law Enforcement May Require Upholding the Constitution

Congress is at a crossroads when it comes to law enforcement reform. Sometimes they do the right thing and sometimes they don't.....but the problem continues forth. ( Senator Tim Scott discusses hope for reform and a balance between reform and supporting police in the article, ' Scott: 'There is hope' for police reform bill '" The department issue might make sense considering many times there are cultural aspects that don't empower officers to contradict and report those "bad apples". I would suspect that liability might increase reform🤔 That could be the middle ground. HR1220 ) . There is a lot of confusion on the source of discontent and its possible solutions but we should all be focused on the same long term health and viability of the nation. To solve this crisis of confidence requires means putting down old ways of looking at a long stemming problems and finding a new path forward that makes pragmatic, political, and economic sense. We do t

Commercial Fishing Coming Back in San Diego (Photo)

 There is an interesting article entitled ' A Deep Dive into the San Diego Fishing ' that discusses commercial fishing coming back in San Diego. It was once the Tuna Capital but that has change as overfishing and restrictions took their toll. The article indicates that commercial fish are coming back and so fishing companies are taking notice. It kind of has been a little fantasy of mine to get a commercial fishing boat in the UP and just go out a few days a week. Ok its not real commercial fishing but it would be nice to sell what I catch to a few Escanaba stores. I wonder how we might better understand and fix the Great Lakes commercial fishing industry?

US GDP Rises: The Influence of the Digital Economy

The economy is still improving and that is good news for business and job seekers. Increases in GDP should also come with a better understanding of how the post-COVID transforming market may need additional measurements to fully grasp the contributory nature of the digital economy. Understanding Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Digital Gross Domestic Product DGDP might be helpful in this discussion. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, " Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 6.5 percent in the second quarter of 2021, reflecting the continued economic recovery, reopening of establishments, and continued government response related to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the second quarter, government assistance payments in the form of loans to businesses and grants to state and local governments increased, while social benefits to households, such as the direct economic impact payments, declined. In the first quarter of 2021, real GDP increased 6.3 percent

Infrastructure Bill Passes Senate: Cross-Structure Development Synergy

Blow the dust off the U.S. economic machine and flip the power switch! Years of American manufacturing "know how" is going to be pulled out of the library archives and applied to maximize advantages from national infrastructure investments. Aging rail lines, sinking ports and a spaghetti electric grid are getting an overhaul beyond just a few more sand bags. Senate passes  HR3684 the INVEST in America Act  designed to improve the core infrastructure that helps to maintain its economic positioning in the emerging Digital Era (Information Age). After years of penny pinching neglect our manufacturing infrastructure might help update the U.S. economic platform in a way that creates cross pollination and integration of multiple core structures (i.e. logistics such as product delivery, manufacturing such as advanced products, and virtual marketspaces, etc. See Rethink Service ,  Supply Chain Integration , Internet & Supply Chain , International Sales & Knowledge , and  Delt