Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Rural Connectivity Advisory Committee for the U.P.

The U.P. has great potential not only as a tourist destination but also as host to advanced manufacturing and technology as it relates to robotics, space, and military applications. The Internet is what will power the next economy and its important to get the U.P. "connected". Future jobs and opportunities will come from our ability to accept and adapt to market shifts that lean in the direction of blooming Digital GDP.  Having a committee to look at these issues is vitally important for understanding where the U.P. current is and where it needs to be in finding its position in the digital economy (See Digital GDP Growth).

You may also want to see how society develops (See Societal Economic Development)  and how science can increase local development (SME and Neuro-Economics and Firm Linking) and human capital (Human Capital FDI). 

Firm Linking

Skills and Technology Investing

The following was taken from a press release. 

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