Monday, April 5, 2021

Manufacturing PMI Jumps to 64.7%-Great Lakes Industries May Need New Shipping Infrastructure

Manufacturing PMI reached a towering height of 64.7% well above what would be considered exceptional (@55%). Production also spiked by 4.9 points and new orders leapt forward 3.2 points. This pick up of activity in 17 of 18 industries indicates a broader speeding up of the economy. The highest PMI since December 1983 matched with current job growth of (BLS.Gov) how new orders, increased manufacturing activity, and employment are pointing to wide reaching changes in the market. Those changes could indicate fundamental shifts on the way in which the economy will operated.

What we would like to see is the entire economic system make an upswing into the digital world where it will function on a higher economic-sociological platform. Such an economic transition would include increased advanced technologies that would result in radically new products and more efficient processes. We will become globally aware through big data and that will help us run real time statistics for countries. Our world will be seen more from a global perspective (See Global Perspective) versus the limitations of local perspective. 

Sometimes its helpful to move beyond textbook to industry experts. A strong article entitled The Economy Continues To Gain Strength In 12 Charts by Chuck Jones on the multifold economic indicators that are putting lift into economic activity across a broad spectrum of society. 

We can see the signs in the technology innovative underbelly that shows increased activities in 5 G, advanced manufacturing strategies, virtual business models, labor market shifts, advanced robotics, semi conductors, electric cars, alternative energies and new industries that spark from innovation of science and technology (See Information Age Economic Platform). 

Continued growth will rest on infrastructure and the efficiency (cost effectiveness) of moving supplies and products around the region but also into the international world (See Adaptive Supply Chains). In the U.S. we have outsourced much of our manufacturing and have allowed our infrastructure to start a process of physical depreciation . Implementing strategic distribution centers (i.e. Delta County MI) with product value additives can make a big difference long term growth where nimbleness and costs are important.

Delta County is strategically located on the Great Lakes between multiple manufacturing centers, new military/space activities, and near US/Canada border where. Delta County County could act as a regional transport juncture for various industries in the Greatlakes that seek to export products and import supplies. The county has been under developed but should be considered as a distribution center for some of the $718.4 billion in 2019 between U.S. and Canada(US Trade) as well as impacts $6 Trillion GDP (Seaway Partnership)(See Great Lakes Shipping and Exports)

With a sense of direction we can turn the chaos from the Pandemic into something that rejuvenates America's spirit in the face of growing international competition. We are not just a country of businesses but a country that seeks to increase freedoms and opportunities to a diverse group of stakeholders. Ensuring that we have the most competitive infrastructure that leads to further advanced adaptation can lead to environmental mastery and heighted digital GDP Growth (See Digital GDP Recovery). 

Part of a larger work on innovative economic post-covid clusters (See Post-Covid Cluster Theory).

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Institution of Supply Change Management Press Release

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