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Biden First Joint Session to Congress

President Biden's on jobs, wages, infrastructure, and other issues as they relate to the national economy. He discussed DARPA and its benefits in developing new technologies for national strength. We will likely as a country need to focus more on STEM and tech organizations ( and clusters of organizations with different strengths/products but share aspects of development. See Developing New Industries ) DARPA type projects that will push us in an upward direction using our natural American ability to thrive, strive, and overcome the challenges that are laid out before through better utilizing our best and brightest ( all demographics of our society). All political systems must strive and adapt or slowly lose their relevance ( I'm not sure the constant storming stage in our leadership teams are doing us much good right now. We might need to renorm around central principles we all agree upon .) A brief discussion on a proposed tax structure was offered. Finding the right/ca

Market Review 'Bloomberg Surveillance' Full Version April 27th, 2021

Keeping up on the finance, economics and investment news.   

Morgan Stanley Indicates Roaring 1920's-Opportunities Rise for Pro-Social Investing

The economy is poised to grow and investors project that some of this growth could have long-term sustainability. Morgan Stanley believes we could have another roaring 20's with the right investment environment (1920's and 2020's 👷). Investors rely on complex tools to understand, manage, and predict the environment for maximum shareholder returns. Those tools help investors plug in certain company criteria and come to a more manageable short list of firms to include in their portfolios. Powering up the American economy through active and purpose driven investment can go a long way in future international competitiveness.  Data is important for investors to best determine which companies are most likely to take advantage of market changes. Some of these algorithms can be quite complex and it would take a serious mathematician to sort of break it all down into something mentally manageable.  Despite its PhD complexity no system as of yet is 100% accurate (100% can never actu

Escanaba Town Hall April 22nd 2021-Seeking Developers and Marina Tourism Enhancements

Watching Escanaba's April 22nds, 2021 Townhall meeting. Its really a great idea to record these meetings and put them on line for different demographic interests. Governance awareness helps citizens (and others) understand the activities of town and how those activities relate to the lives of local residence. Discussion on attracting more developers and looking at the waterfront. As with other townhall meetings there are lots of small details and budgeting issues that have to be settled. Personally, I think attracting businesses/investments, alternative housing (some downtown would be great), as well as encouraging condos and apartments in city can open up the area to wider interests.  A coordinated marketing campaign can help draw developers and entrepreneurs. Great points on underutilized harbor/marina and how that might attract investment into the area. A great marina, nice park, condos, groomed beach, fun downtown and it might be a winning combination. (See Redeveloping Esky Do

A Few Photos of Louisville Kentucky River and Paddle and Barge

Photography is an artform that almost anyone can engage in. Our cell phones can take pictures almost anywhere we are which makes them great for hiking and other on-the-go activities. I have a Canon but its clunky and big so the cell phone is usually on me at all times.   I have seen a few cell phones that can take great shots but haven't yet seen an affordable one that can take professional pixel quality photos. You can walk a few blocks from downtown to the waterfront. I think the first picture turned out well.  These barges are pushed around by tug boats. 

Detroit Economic Club-Hot Seat: What I Learned Leading a Great American Company

Learning from leaders who have been there and done that is important for students. It can be hard to keep up with changes when your busy but spending some time thinking about some of the business changes and opening opportunities is helpful. You can learn more about the Detroit Economic Club HERE.  Some great advice. Knowing what to do is easier than to know when to do it! Invest early and lose money and invest late and be too far behind the curve to capitalize on emerging technologies such as electric vehicles. 

Exploring the Idea Of Lower HQ Taxes and Its Potential Impact on Supplier Networks (Calibrated Tax Structure)

Ideas are only ideas unless we find a practical way of taking these ideas and evaluating them for beneficial application. Its not my place to say at this moment which tax system is likely to work the best as different policies are discussed and debated among lawmakers. Some will advocate for high taxes and some will advocate for low. Each one has their own supporters that come from a long line of economic theorists. There are also other alternatives strategies we sometimes miss because of social aspects of arguments and adherence. We may also consider maintaining lower headquarter (HQ) and normal/moderate taxes on suppliers as a mechanism to attract back to North America manufacturing interest. There is a difference between exploring ideas for future research and trying to definitively make conclusions without an actual investigation. The one thing that is not helpful for researchers is to make a conclusion before understanding the actual questions or looking at the pieces of informati

April 17th Unemployment Rate Improves to 547K Claims

Unemployment is one marker that lets us understand whether employers are hiring and there is a level of  motivation to return back to work (i.e. those that are counted and actively looking for jobs). When the unemployment rate drops there will be some increased pressure on wages and thus companies will look for ways to save money (We are not yet there in these numbers). When production costs are high is when we experience outsourcing to China and other "emerging" economies. We may consider adjusting our processes to consider the possibility of our neighbors to the south (i.e. MX) to fill some of that low cost transition gap.  As a general supply and demand mechanic, when unemployment rates are high then wages would not feel upward pressure because of oversupply. Even when unemployment rates go down to historical levels it doesn't influence wages 1-1 because companies are relieving wage pressure by moving overseas where cheaper labor rates and low cost manufacturing strate

NASA's Perseverance Rover MOXIE Makes Oxygen on Mars

We are in the beginning of digital transformation into the Information Age where micro robots and advanced manufacturing lead to new types of technology that will soon become part of our daily lives (i.e. toasters and television). What was seen only in science fiction comic books a few decades ago is now reality. Creating oxygen on planets (solid oxide electrolysis )  not only opens these planets to experimental stations that host human inhabitants but also additional research into biomechatronic that can lead to mining new substances off of interplanetary stations (new rare metals that lead to emergent technologies). Managing rapid innovation will require adjustments in economic policies that lead to enhanced development of new technologies (i.e. development of entrepreneurial clusters) to reach those goals. The normal process of information transference and innovation (adaptation) across geographically dispersed regions within multiple industries may not function well when we need to

Policing Laws Need to Change

I'm reading an article that discusses the rare conviction of officers when something like murder has been committed. You can read about Njeri Rutledge's article entitled The entire country needed a guilty verdict in Chauvin case. But laws still need to change.  The article has some great points and prompts our national leadership to think long and hard about what immunity from criminal behavior means in law enforcement (not to mention how this might turn out a few years, or a decade, later if a couple more recorded and publicized issues occur).  Let me say I am 100% for law enforcement and 100% for reform. I know their value to society and the community. Most departments focus on what is right and love to help others. Reform is about raising that value of the profession by increasing trust and integrity of the institution so that it better ensures its effectiveness and capacity to recruit from a wider base of talent.  Laws are subjective by nature and how they are applied often

Presidential Remarks on Verdict in George Floyd Case

Presidential discussion on the recent conviction and hopes for a more insightful and prosperous future for all Americans. The conviction helps us understand that there are times when justice can peek through the hazy fog of doubt. Divisive issues don't need to destroy us, but they can push us to change for the better. What we learn from this situation will say volumes about who we are as a people. 

Shooting at National Guard Not Acceptable Form of Protest

We are in difficult times and one can hope that peace is going to be the primary goal that holds each of us together. Most protestors want to find a way to a world where hate is no longer acceptable. They want reform and to put institutionalized racism into a challenge of the past so they can move on and live happy lives. The worst possible thing to happen, is to allow a few to turn a difficult situation into an impossible one (.....not to mention the long-term ramifications if this becomes common practice).  If people have legitimate concerns they should not let illegitimate agendas derail their voice (See Distorted Decision Making ). The National Guard is made up of our community members, our families, and our friends. Instead of shooting at them it might be wiser to wave "Hi", offer bottles of water, lay down flowers, and sign up to serve our communities in a meaningful and helpful way (A positive outlet for feelings of angst). The National Guard and Military were one of t

April 16th, 2021: Congressional News and Global Opportunities for the U.P.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan has been ringing in Congress's ear as of late. With global shifts and emergence from COVID the U.P. and its strategic interests to the rest of the nation are becoming increasingly apparent. We are not just a land of beautiful shores and dancing celestial lights, but also a hardy people that can sharpen the pick axes of the past to pierce the global market of the present with ground breaking products and innovations. Keeping the 906 thriving will mean attracting and retaining international investment in emerging industries that are in line with global/national demand. Staying abreast of market changes sometimes leads to the opening of a window of opportunity where the right investment at the right time creates a butterfly effect throughout multiple industry lines leading to national transformation (see Schumpeter Entrepreneur and Digitized Productivity  and Government Innovation Methods ) There are are important considerations of infrastructure,, int

Sunset Cliffs Video San Diego

This video was taken over week ago and let me say it is one of the most beautiful places in California. I keep thinking I want to grab a friend, a safety float and snorkel the place with camera in hand. I'm not sure what the rules are when it comes to certain locations but its best to check local ordinances. These are beautiful places and we should protect them from pollution and damage so we don't hurt our fragile ecosystems.  It should be remember that the less variability in the world's species there is an increased chance that we won't be able to adapt to problems (COVID or anything the future brings). In the next decade or so I think we will get really smart about our world and will take more coordinated efforts to preserve (someday to enhance) the natural world we live in. I suspect we could design cities in a way that all of the run off gets recycled and/or cleaned before making it into "nature". 

Federal Reserve Governor Christopher Waller Discusses 2021 Economy

 Federal Reserve Governor Christopher J. Waller discusses 2021 economy in recent interview. A few short hand notes that seem to follow closely with Chairman Powell. You can read more about Mr. Waller HERE . See below...... 1. Ready to Rip! 2. Projection 8% GDP Growth Q2  3. 6.5% GDP Growth for 2022.  4. 2.5% inflation. 5. Surge in opening of economy and then back to fundamentals.  6. Making up for lost ground.  7. Still 8 million jobs lower than last year.  8. No plans to remove support anytime soon. 

China GDP Flourishes 18.3% Q1 2021 -American Debate Action

China experienced 18.3% GDP growth in its Q1 2021 and it is expected it will maintain 8+/-% for the rest of the year based on global goods demand. While the market is heating up and will be renegotiating production contracts that impact global supply chains, the U.S. isn't yet ready to fully engage the global market. Political stagnation and party line economics have taken precedence. I wonder if we will get the same opportunity again reorient our manufacturing supply chains back North American (U.S, MX, CAN) and our global trading partners?🤔(See Time and Choice Economics ) At this juncture American politicians probably should avoid the inefficiency of squabbling and focus on quickly settling those things they agree upon and in turn place to the side those that are not so important. (See Negotiation and Org. Health ) Greasing the wheels with small agreements can lead to bigger agreements if people are capable of compromise ( Compromise as a Value ). Decisions are not made in a vac

Data Triangulation-Validity, Measurement and Perception

Data triangulation improves research validity by grabbing information to understand a subject form multiple sources. One may also want to explore varying types of measurements to improve upon the formulation of a mental image of what a particular phenomenon looks like. Just like we wouldn't rely on a single opinion (or vantage point) before making an important decision we also don't want to rely on a single measurement (perhaps an incorrect one) to anchor our understandings (leading to incorrect assumptions throughout the chain of logic such as a conspiracy theory, racism, bigotry, or erroneous belief because people didn't go back and check the initial false assumptions/measurement).  When trying to grasp the nature of a phenomenon it is helpful to think of all the different ways in which one could "see"👀 the problem. Selecting the methods with the most promise for exploration is an important strategic consideration. Where there are no existing ways to measure yo

Fed Chair Powell Discusses Economic Changes at the The Economic Club of Washington, DC

If you like business you should keep up with the news. Federal Chair Powell, oversees the Federal Reserve and in turn the Monetary Policy the government uses to influence the markets. The video discusses the changes in the economy and the way in which we are approaching new market factors as they emerge. Powell indicates our economy is shifting toward a more digital existence and further discusses how the Federal Reserve relies one data from other sources that they use to make decisions. Personally, I think that base of our society has shifted (See Expected Covid Eco Adjust  and Covid Economic Projections  and U.S./MX Orient ) since COVID and will need to consider emergent economic models to better narrow the gap between our economic understandings of the past and the unfolding economic phenomenon of the present (See  Digital GDP Govt . and  Theory of Transactional Clusters  and Perp. Sust. Dev. ). We can also say that older economic models based in physical good transference and human

GOP Memo Indicates Changes in Party Focus and Demographics

Congressman Jim Banks release a memo indicating fundamental changes are occurring within the GOP's demographics. You can read a little more about who Jim Banks is HERE  ( It should be noted that when I include a name I'm not endorsing and/or not endorsing as its only further neutral contextual information for understanding ). Reading memo's like this and/or other activities helps you stay aware of the political landscape and the future strategies as they unfold and influence others.  I couldn't really find a way to get the actual document to upload but you can take a look at it below. A number themes emerge out of the document..... 1. The different sectors and demographics support different parties. 2. Shift toward working class and small business supporters.  3. Its interesting that Mitt Romney received so much interest from Wall street in 2012. 4. A greater discussion on how political changes impact current options/strategies. 5. The 100's occupation donor graph i

Army Throws Support Behind Pepper Sprayed 2nd Lieutenant

Sgt. Maj. of the Army Michael A. Grinston tweeted support for the Second Lieutenant Caron Nazariopepper sprayed by officers. You can read about the Sgt. Major HERE . I'm impressed that members of the Army are taking a stand against hate and bigotry in this country. Our Armed Services are the best not because they have the strongest firepower but because they are a thinking entity that owes its loyalty to the constitution and not to fringe groups or unquestioned beliefs (See Military Information Rich World and Gifted Officer "Game Changers" . I'm 100% behind police and I'm 100% supportive of reform methods. No one should ever take my words to mean I don't have great respect for the function of policing. The vast majority of officers are good people who are trying to protect the public. From first hand account I can count on my hands and toes+ all of the great officers but it only takes one person to infect a unit (i.e. police unit) and in turn sour its member

Fed Chair Jerome Powell: Discusses Digital Currency

Federal Chair Jerome Powell discusses digital currency. He says they are testing digital currency and its viability. The U.S. doesn't need to be first but it does need to do it right. There is no expectation to raise interest rates anytime soon as some big sectors of the economy have not fully recovered. These sectors are still suffering and expect to suffer into the near future. Optimism is high and people believe the economy will come roaring back.  Originally I suspect it will still take about 10 years to develop an international digital currency and for companies to adopt new currency methods. Watching this video, and the background activities, I would suspect we are closer than we think. Perhaps we will have an initial currency system within the next 5 years. That will further embed the U.S. into the Digital Economy. Why is this important for business minded people? Well, it will impact how you will conduct business. Instead of using multiple different systems to exchange mone

Secretary of State Antony Blinken Discusses Vaccine and World "Hot Spots".

Its important to stay aware of international affairs ( Foreign Affairs pretty good magazine I have read. Nope no one is paying me to say that! I have read it off and on over the years. I think I get it free with  Prime membership in Kindle 🤔.) also impacts business, trade, commerce, and much general policy. Things have been heating up between Russia and the U.S. Some of this may be Russian aspirations against the backdrop of US-China geopolitical (Asia-Europe) shifts.  

Video on Aerospace and Defense in the U.P.

The U.P. has a budding aerospace and defense industry that will become increasingly important for the future. I'm an advocate of maximizing the benefits of Delta County to create economic clusters that improve upon multiple industries at once (i.e. multi-clustering). There is human capital available in the area and with new U.P. investments it is possible to turn DC into a shipping, small manufacturing, and tourism area.

IMF: US to Lift Global GDP-Can We Sustain It?

The IMF projects the U.S. will be biggest global growth influencer this year. Its great that we can lift the global economy out of a crisis but it is better that we turn government investment into long term growth. That will require us to think more about sustainable economic development and how key infrastructure investments improve the economic capacity of "actors" (commercial activity) within the system. In the Information Age we will have much better statistics and metrics that will provide information on how to improve the infrastructure in a way that leads to net positive economic outputs (based on relative development trajectories) through stronger business and government coordination ( See Perpetual Sustainable Economy ).  The IMF states, " Global growth is projected at 6 percent in 2021, moderating to 4.4 percent in 2022. The projections for 2021 and 2022 are stronger than in the October 2020 WEO. The upward revision reflects additional fiscal support in a few l

Ocean Beach Pier

There are times when you can take a shot and ponder our environment. 

Rural Connectivity Advisory Committee for the U.P.

The U.P. has great potential not only as a tourist destination but also as host to advanced manufacturing and technology as it relates to robotics, space, and military applications. The Internet is what will power the next economy and its important to get the U.P. "connected". Future jobs and opportunities will come from our ability to accept and adapt to market shifts that lean in the direction of blooming Digital GDP.  Having a committee to look at these issues is vitally important for understanding where the U.P. current is and where it needs to be in finding its position in the digital economy (See Digital GDP Growth ). You may also want to see how society develops (See Societal Economic Development )  and how science can increase local development ( SME and Neuro-Economics  and Firm Linking ) and human capital ( Human Capital FDI ).  Firm Linking Skills and Technology Investing The following was taken from a press release.  For Immediate Release April 6, 2021 Contact: Ja