Monday, February 22, 2021

Rugged and Remote Digital Nomads Drawn to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

The U.P. is known for its rugged beauty, green forests and clear waters. One could stand, coffee in hand, looking over miles of untouched forest and within 10 minutes be at the center of city to get a hot refill. From fresh fallen snow to the biggest fish catch of the day it is this outdoor charm that draws vacationers. Market changes in digital infrastructure increases appeal of "connected" rural vacation areas as it spawns a whole new generation of professionals who desperately crave work-life balance.  Digital nomads are interested in post-COVID hot spots that provide outdoor hobbies with the digital capacity they need to be higher performers.

Few places offer better opportunities to gaze for a minute under a canvas of stars while still competing on the ever moving global market. Inspiration comes from things as simple as an apple falling off a tree or the splendor of deer jumping through them. 

In Delta County you work by solar from your favorite campsite or sit in your downtown café. Straddling the physical and virtual world lets you reap the benefits of both. After riding the snow covered back country, a few simple pleasures like sitting next to fireplace catching up on work are needed respites (checking Facebook, stocks, news or whatever.)

Left is Mo and right is his girlfriend.

Delta County received $18.5 million in broadband expansion which will enhance high speed access and improve the appeal of the area  to the digital economy (Article and Document). Firms that have interest in designing and manufacturing specialty products might find the costs of local production black line ready and the reach of global connectivity enticing.

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