Monday, January 11, 2021

To Impeach or Not Impeach an Outgoing President?

Impeachment is a big word with a lot of implications. It is not an action that should be taken lightly or for political purposes. While anger is apparent and people want accountability it is important to think about the long term implications of doing so. We have a nation to run and where we put our focus will say something about us.

Thinking before acting doesn't mean we shouldn't impeach, but it does mean we should take in the moment, digest, and understand before acting. This is not the time to teach each other "lessons" that further create wounds that will be difficult to heal. 

It would be wise to start integrating our society back into a single family. To live the pledge...."one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

We are in a difficult position as a nation and there are going to be lots of voices and opinions. It will be hard for leaders to not get caught up in the passions of the moment. 

The answer will be obvious to each person depending on their political affiliation, personalities, and sentiments. Yikes!

We are in the final days of Trump's presidency and might want to consider our next steps closely. There were a lot of people who believed in Trump and they are now directionless and unsure of what to do let us steer them toward meaningful political engagement vs working outside the system🤔.

We can let them know it is time to put down the politics of hate and come into the fold of rebuilding our national competitiveness and international image.  

Families fight...but good families know how to deal with conflict and in the end find reconciliation. All members are considered valuable and their needs are considered.

Trump was a controversial figure who many people hoped would restore national glory. Some of his business decisions make sense (i.e. bringing American jobs back) while his social agenda seemed to be off (narrow focus on his base) (I understand there are differences of opinion here 💜). . 

The difficult question for our leaders is "what should they do now"? Perhaps more information from investigation will helps us solidify our choices. Whatever we decide, however we decide to move forward, we must think about the long-term implications of our decisions. 

Maybe its best to let him finish out his term and perhaps it is best to impeach him. At this point...I'm more inclined to think its best to focus on broadening the greater needs of our nation through healing and renewed focus. New presidents bring new changes and perhaps let us reorient to our future instead of be locked to our past. 

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