Monday, January 11, 2021

Austin Chenge GOP Michigan Governor Candidate Discusses "Passion"

Austin Chenge, GOP's Michigan Governor candidate, discusses protesters being overwhelmed with "passion" in the article GOP candidate for Michigan governor: Capitol rioters 'overcome by passion'. Passion is a term that often entails deep feelings of longing and desire for something to happen. Passion can overwhelm many of us but sometimes leads to quick behaviors that were not well thought out. 

I have no doubt that most of the attendees were swept up in these passions in an organic way; perhaps with some seasoned help. My biggest concerns are the ones who planned to come and cause trouble with the use of weapons and coordinated activities. Whipping up already excited protestors pushes people to do things in groups they would not have done alone. They loose their objective point of view.

Here is the tweet.

Everyone has the right to peaceful assemble and to voice their opinions. We need this to grow as a society through understanding and negotiating. I can say that I defend that right as a person and hope that people can protest in a way that creates clarity on those values and in turn are incorporated into our collective way of thinking. 

Lesson: Stop and think of the consequences and alternative perspectives before acting on partial information. 

The more we learn from each other and listen, the more new paths of compromise discovered. We often think that it must be all THIS  and none of THAT.  However, that is almost never the case, and if parties (meaning both parties) don't know how to clearly state what is important to them we are unable to find a solution to our differences. 

No doubt there is a solution...we haven't found it because our understanding of the solutions are defined by being pitted against each other when we might have connected key concepts together in a way that serves multiple stakeholders (i.e. improving the economy, improving business, and maximizing minority/and other's talent). In other words, we have to move outside of the box. You can read about Level K decisions HERE.

Lesson: Framing of arguments incorrectly limits opportunities to find bi-partisan solutions. 

Republicans and Democrats have been fighting for a long time. The eventual goal in any conflict is to find homeostasis where people's needs are being met and there is no want. That is a hypothetical state that doesn't exist in the natural world for long because the total entity must continue to adapt or eventual die (It is possible to have homeostasis and controlled growth and then homeostasis). Thus, conflict is acceptable as long as we have the end goal of homeostasis and peace in the forefront of our minds. 

We can create solutions through developing greater awareness of others. At present we have different media sources that have completely different viewpoints that are dynamically imagined to be separate from each other. At the same time, we find very few politicians talking about finding a bi-partisan paths and those that are talking about these things are often sidelined to radicals. If you want to know more about cognitive model creation and conflict resolution you may want to look HERE

Mauger, C. (2012, January 11th.). GOP candidate for Michigan governor: Capitol rioters 'overcome by passion'. Detroit News.

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