Thursday, November 5, 2020

Traits of High Performing Genius Students in Online Education

 One of the things that educators look for is those high performing students that were currently undiscovered. This occurs because our job is to teach others and in turn when we come across an exceptional performer we may want to better understand thinking patterns and in turn develop strategies for encouraging this population but also helping others be more creative. Online education helps us better understand how to enrich this population for national development.

The essential differences between Genius and common thinking are not as wide and large as we think they are. Instead, they are more of a way of thinking. How highly gifted students think is on a completely different track and line than other people based on thinking strategies that come to more accurate conclusions. 

According to the article "For a Genius Brain, Focus on How to Think, Instead of What to Think". They are able to reach across different neural networks that allow them to connect ideas together in a more creative way. They are able to activate multiple areas of their brain to solve problems. 

For example, genius can utilize multiple mental networks such as The Default Mode, The Salience Network and the Executive Control Network. Their brains and thinking patterns are pliable. This juxtaposition between things that are dissimilar (i.e. Leonardo di Vinci made a connection between vibrations in water and the sound waves of the bell).  

Another difference is that while most people are only willing to spend a certain limited time on problems and gravitate toward pre-defined answers (Difference between an A student and a genius). Genius often think of these like mental puzzles and embrace the not so simple ideas that lead to insights. They can spend decades on an idea that would have long bored others.

They are out there in small percentages as a normal adaptation to our species. Other species likely have this small percentage adaptations that are also part of the process evolution. Most will never be found but online schools can help us start to think about the ability to go back and research high performance to see how they make decisions, think about topics and how they were graded. It would give you a pretty good model of how this trait works. Having online individualized education using artificial intelligence allows us to enrich the gifted quickly and effectively. 

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