Sunday, November 8, 2020

Next Steps in Theoretical Works-The Case of Transactional Clusters

There are stages to development of new theoretical models and it can take decades to create something feasible that with hope accurately explains and predicts our environment. Theory development is not rigidly linear but often moves in multiple exploratory directions. For example, in the development of Transactional Clusters Theory the next steps are to integrate, connect and explain the concepts as a single entity. The basic theoretical structure is constructed but helping others see how that works as an entire system is not easy. It took consider effort to uncover and connect core tenets of a larger system.

What I'm doing is trying to discuss what its like to create exploratory theories as they relate to the development of economic systems. I'm not using a traditional economists perspective but more holistic perspective that relies on a number of different lenses to understand an economic system. It is this process that I can share with others for greater understanding.

1. Delta County Data: I have some data on Delta County that was collected just prior to COVID. It isn't a lot of information and on top of that it was when our economy looked different. However, I want to see if there is anything important in there and share it with readers. It may be of help to someone and it likely will highlight a few things that might be changes or improved. If I would have more participants I likely would have had stronger surety of the value of the information. 

2. Integrate, Connect, and Explain:  While the basic structure has been constructed it isn't connected together well into an integrated whole that others would understand. Thus, I'm going to re-write, adjust, and clarify where needed. I will highlight some of the gaps that are there just to see what I might understand but would be hard to explain. To create a cohesive theory I will need to think of it as a total system and explain how each of the pieces connect together to create a more parsimonious concept.

3. The Precipice of Physical and Digital Economy: The precipice of where the physical and digital economy connect is within the individual transactions and how people use the tools available to them. Not sure if there is a way to explain it but I thought about a second study just on the specific transactions within a number of clustered businesses. That would be hard to pull off unless such businesses would be interested in understanding their interconnectedness. That would mean going into the choices being made (i.e. the fundamentals of economy and neuroscience) to determine choice, lines of development, and innovative outputs under certain transaction combinations.  To gain business support the theory might need to be more clearly written and have a PPT to make it valuable to business. 

Developing research takes time and is messy. While it may move through some very broad steps at the end of the day researchers must explore any avenues that appear to have benefit. In this case it worked out because some were relevant. Theory development is up and down, right and left, because it is exploration from one core concept to other connected ideas that may be relevant. 

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