Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Radicalism in America: Who do the Laws Protect Anyway?

 Radicalism is growing in American and we must ensure we have the laws in place and the moral will to stand up against abuse. We try and we seek to apply the law where it is beneficial but often it is subjective in its application and its eventual result. National leadership should start thinking how laws are applied universally to protect American citizens from radical intimidation and coordination. As I age I realize the importance of trying to do what is right with the most integrity I can must (Yes I make tons of mistakes because I'm human).  

I'm not stranger to radical aggression. I have a Muslim sounding name and two black children. You would think this wouldn't be a problem but for many it is a big problem and they have no issues with seeking to exploit those differences for personal gain. The laws have not always been applied fairly. 

The laws are designed with good intent but its application is often difficult to decipher. I'm a conservative that runs my own course because I know the blindness by which many people live. While I hope to someday have support for a more political run, our nation needs people like me now more than ever. We need people who don't fit the stereotypes we have deluded ourselves with for so long.

Being conservative to me means follow those basic religious values such as charity, kindness, love, and even strength to ensure we make a better world. If I disagree with someone's opinion and/or lifestyle I have a responsibility to respect and cherish their life. I have often not received that myself and there have been few that would do the right things without first checking in with their friend's value systems.

I have for a while known the benefits of kindness, resilience and strength. 

Laws are tools we use to maintain peace and a moral purpose in life. If someone is viewed differently than us, we often have no problem prescribing all that is not good to them. At the same point, if someone is seen the same we have no problem giving them the halo effect and attributes they do not deserve.

I spend my time helping orphans, writing about what I believe is right, and engaging in science. My life has been devoted to making the world a better place. My life and childhood came from a very dark place where love was absent and aggression in one form was constantly present. 

I do not necessarily blame those people for some of the diagnosed, and undiagnosed, mental health disorders they face but will continue to stand against adversity (of which some was criminal and life threatening). They have taught me that most people will follow and few will lead. The ones we think are leading are often just saying the same rhetoric their followers want to hear. 

The laws have been subjectively applied in many of these cases. Whether we are discussing child abuse or extremism as that seen by the attempt to abduct a governor the goal is always to force one's will on another person. People spread rhetoric, encourage violence, steal, make inflammatory statements, and the list goes on. 

I have also learned that such people will almost never see themselves at fault for anything. Extremist hate behavior is based in serious depravity and the need to overpower others. There is no stopping them without the use of law. They are not guided by moral principle in so much as they are afraid of being held to account or losing some street credibility to people who are as ignorant as them. 

I've also seen where the laws that were intended to do well don't apply to certain people who are viewed in a non-traditional light. While I may have a Muslim sounding name I actually view myself as more of a Catholic-Muslim-Jew (No offence to those who find offence in everything) that believes in the core values shared by the three great monotheistic religions (Don't stop there...I have also read some things on Hinduism and Buddhism and found wisdom there). 

While I plan on getting more involved in politics I cannot say that the politicians would accept me. I likely would have little support because I'm not radical enough and I'm not willing to lie to mislead people to vote for me. I'm Republican by economic philosophy and Democrat with the willingness to be help my common man and accept the natural differences in our species. 

What I find most disturbing is that rational centralist behavior is becoming increasingly rare while the pressure to be a radical is high. I have Right and Left friends and they are always the most intelligence, smartest, people in the room while everyone who disagrees is an idiot! Go figure....I took an IQ test and and an evaluation as was seen as having high intelligence...yet I'm not smart enough to understand the logic of what they are saying. 

Going forward I want to become more involved in politics as a voice of reason thwarting radicalism in all its forms. I also want to do more to help our nation's economy and those who are suffering. When it comes to bigotry and hate crimes there should be zero tolerance across all aspects of our society. It isn't about values...because I have very American is about allow ignorance to fester in unquestioning crowds. Likewise, I'm working on climbing Mount Everest (no idea if I will actually do it but I plan on going to Denver this year to start training this winter) for justice. Justice for the kids that were not protected from abuse, justice for good Americans that were subject to hate crimes, and most of all justice to the American people who need leaders that are willing to stand up for a basic value system beyond self-serving rhetoric. We are moving into a new world and it will become more apparent that the way things were in the past will not be that way in the future. We need more Americans with central American values. 

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