Saturday, October 17, 2020

Letter Concerning Queen City Shipwreck to Delta County Michigan Area Museums & Historical Societies

 As a team of divers and explorers we searching for the Queen City shipwreck that sunk around 1875 near Ford River Michigan. As of date, we have conducted one dive to practice working together and checking on our equipment. You can watch that video HERE. We decided as a team we are going to reach out to some of the local historical societies and museums to see if they would have any preliminary interest in curating any artifacts we find. Thus we are trying to set up and understand the general permit and curation process once a shipwreck is found. 

Yes we are diving enthusiasts and are doing this for in part because we are enjoy the sense of adventure but also we are also trying to use our skills to help the local community through contributions to science. The work we do is to help raise awareness of underutilized Delta County Michigan as an investment and adventure tourism region as well as the general importance of its historical significance as a shipping location in the global supply chain (Maybe it can be again someday when we find a way to find value for regional industries selling overseas). I'm also a business professor and take some interest in the academic aspects as well as knowledge of commerce supply chains from that era (physical vs. virtual economic platforms). 

I drafted a letter that will be sent to historical societies/museums within a certain range of Delta County Michigan. The letter has multiple purposes....

1. Any research resources they have on the ship. 

2. Raise awareness of our work and how it elevates history/science education. 

3. Find a historical society/museum that can offer their expertise and curate any findings. 

4. To explore other intellectual, financial, and equipment resource opportunities. 

The map I used in the email shows the generic region we are searching. We are not giving up specifics but just showing where with a quick search you can see that the records indicate it sunk somewhere near Ford River. Where specifically is at is part of our research.....and we will keep that private....:)

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