Thursday, September 3, 2020

Technology Stocks are Good? Tech Investments a Sign of Adaptation

 Tech stocks are considered a good investment right now. I have viewed these stocks more risky in the past. While the economy is functioning a little slower than in the past certain stocks are doing well. Lately I have been getting into the stock market for my research (How to attract investments to new clusters?" and for my personal reasons. I have this belief that  3Q and 4Q are going to be upward trajectory and that early next year we will have a slightly stronger economy than we have today as more companies adapt to higher knowledge based virtual work. Investments in technologies would to improve business functioning at an increased virtual labor market. That in turn would result in a bigger bump in the market 2-3 years from now (depending on development and adaptation time). That would mean there would be more money being invested into technologies now. This trend sort of fits that idea. I would like to see how long tech stocks attract market interests. If I had investment money I would think along the lines of investments in new technologies that impact entire organization functioning such as data storage, data protection, virtual platforms, etc...

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