Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Presidential Biden and Trump Debate 09/2020

 Presidential Debates are part of getting to know your presidential competitors in order to form opinion for voting purposes. What we might find is that the way in which we think of politics could benefit from change. Many Americans vote strictly party line and only agree with those opinions that are part of their party. A truer assessment of self-belief is when you understand the arguments on both sides and make a personal choice over the ideological aspects you agree with and which one's you disagree with. 

Thus the debates are often about solidifying a base and trying to convert those people who are middle of the road thinkers. Without them we may not need debates in the same way because it is hard for people to think outside of their social networks. It is our responsibility as citizens to think about what we believe and why we believe it outside of social adherence 

There are two videos here. The first is the highlights and the second is the full debate. You can formulate your own opinions, and of course I have my own. The point I was trying to make is that before we promote a message or promote a party we should not do so blindly and instead seek a greater understanding before we shout the world our unevaluated beliefs. Doing so just adds to the noise and confusion around a already divisive election. As Americans we have a responsibility to think about what we believe and how we vote to ensure the truest nature of our democracy comes forward.


Full Length

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