Monday, September 28, 2020

Governor Whitmer Discusses Increased COVID cases in the U.P.-At What Spot do We have Economy-Infection Equilibrium?

 I'm watching Governor Whitmer discuss increased disease rates in Houghton Michigan and how that might impact the use of putting in place restrictions again. There is a large political debate at what point economic activity is a necessity and at what point slowing the spread of the virus is necessary. I wonder if there are scientist calculating the spot where speed of infection meets the economic openess activity level of businesses. 

I think big data will likely start to answer some of these questions. I don't know if there are scientists studying this cross section and the reward/risk balances in the speed of infection and recovery. We do know there is a lot of data being collected and when we have the time to analyze in real time we may find large macro view of how people and information move around society. We may find bigger patterns in the data unrelated to the disease and more telling of movement within and across societies.

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