Monday, September 7, 2020

Could Escanaba Attract Seasonal Visitors Through "Hometown" Events, Condos and Marina?

One thing that Escanaba offers is a hometown atmosphere that puts on fun events for families and vacationers. It also offers a beautiful Marina and lakefront that is underutilized. With renewed interest in downtown development and housing options it is a great opportunity to connect events, condos and the marina to attract summer visitors. 

People who own boats and yachts love to have a good time and enjoy visiting fun places that are safe and keep their interests and fun sensors perked throughout their visit. For example the 906 Labor Day Event hosted at the docks and sponsored by Escanaba Public Safety, Meijers, Resort Island & Casino and others is one example of how the downtown and waterfront add value. 

You can get a windy video HERE.

Consider if we also took some of the run down blocks on that end and allowed for young entrepreneurs, developers, and others to purchase, refurbish and offer upstairs condos for sale and vacationers. I've hosted on AirBnB and I'm aware that it is possible to seasonally rent these places until a larger purchase or renter is found. It might be wise to keep a few open for vacationers. You may even find people from outside the area buy property and storefronts to rent out the store front and stay/rend out the top.

Escanaba Yacht Club
We can connect and coordinate events between the harbor, housing and events to ensure that we attract people with boats that want to come and rent a place and stay for a week or a few months (i.e. 20% discount for slip fees if you rent a condo kind of thing). That would require coordinated marketing and effort. We may consider encouraging the recreational department to get involved to provide fun events for tourists in general. 

Its just one idea we can use to enhance tourism. To attract tourism and long-term industry requires a more detailed plan I have been working on but this is certainly something that could have merit. 

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