Monday, August 3, 2020

Tik Tok Marks Big Data and Risks of Information

The world of big data is upon us and companies like Tik Tok are now part of that new world. The youth across the globe are using handheld portable cell phones that carry with them 20 and 30 applications each. Their data is being tracked 24/7 and with enough processing power and information one could see movement of people throughout society, what they are buying and who they are talking to. The only difference is that no one has collected all of that data and we shouldn't make it easy for governments to do that. 

That will mean better data protection, storing data bases in various paces, technology like block chain, deleting data if its not being used, encryption, and including data protection in treaties and business deals. Just like we discovered governments are seeking to steal information on COVID vaccines they also want to know about consumer behavior in society. 

Worse then unethical behavior for business purposes is unethical behavior by governments that want to use such information for nebulous purposes. Collecting and cross analyzing this data leaves one with a great amount of knowledge about people, their buying habits and their communities. When you apply modern psychological theory you could likely determine their motives as well. 

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