Sunday, August 23, 2020

The Necessity of Employee Training

Corporate training is important for the success of an organization. New training in how to utilize emerging virtual technologies as well as other high technology solutions coming our way. Our nation has changed because of Covid and will come out a little differently. Evaluating the need for and the success of training programs is helpful. One could use a three stage model for assessing and improving training and development (Ashfra, Honeycut & Leach, 2005):

(1) training needs;

(2) training impact on trainees; and 

(3) training impact on the firm

Determining the effectiveness of training is important for the creation and development of stronger programs. We must understand the impact of such training on multiple aspects of an organization and its functioning. That sometimes requires us to use a model that will formalize what we are thinking. 

By looking at training needs of the organization, and then how it will impact the trainees and its ultimate benefits of the organization we can use three different vantage points. I would think of evaluating training needs from the perspective of deficiencies as they relate to performance, customer complaints, etc... We also must consider the cost of training and its potential disruption to workers before moving forward. Finally, no training is worth much without it actually benefiting the organization. 

Ashraf, A., Honeycutt, E. & Leach, M. (2005). A three-stage model for assessing and improving sales force training and development. Journal of Personal Selling & Sales, (25) 3.

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