Thursday, August 13, 2020

Peace Deal between Israel and UAE-A Few Thoughts

 I'm reading the article, "Irael and UAE strike historic deal to normalise relations" in BBC discussing the peace deal between Israel and the UAE. The conflict has gone on a long time and a lot of lives were lost, people were hurt, and the adherents of two religions pitted against each other. My hope and prayers are for the people of both sides. We must put this to rest so that people can move on in their lives. 

I'm sure this is not the deal that ends all deals. It is just a start. Yet if the parties are willing to truly work with each other and have an open mind they may be able to start working and looking toward long-term resolution. 

I can't say what the right answer is as it will need to be worked out during negotiations. Both sides feel very justified in their beliefs and answers. 

Getting two large anchor societies working together will likely have some influence in the region.

The fear is that people are raging on each other, people's lives are ruined, children are dying and proxy wars have moved across the globe. 

No simple solutions here. 

The parties will need to do their work and work hard to share perspectives. We can only hope and pray that cooler and more rational minds take hold and people want to resolve these tangled issues. That is not saying one side is more guilty than the doesn't even factor into this as both have their grips. The details will come together if an earnest and honest discussion starts. Fingers crossed. 

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