Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport-One of the Nicest Airport Hubs


I'm a fairly seasoned traveler. I plan on doing some more travel outside the states soon but as far as traveling in the states I've been to a lot of different places. 

Airports are well...airports... and there isn't much to do except work on your laptop. However, Minneapolis has a very nice hub. 

Not that you have control over all your flights and price but when warranted I would recommend going through this airport for your connection hub. 

Lots of very interesting restaurants and places to sit and wait. I'm not a big fan of staring into a blank wall but I will say that when you turn airports into fun malls it makes the travel experience more fun. 

For business travelers some of those expenses are likely reimbursable so they might as well enjoy while they are working and waiting. It feels a little like your on your way to vacation, Cayman Islands or something. 

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