Saturday, August 29, 2020

Making Your Unique Office Space for Virtual Workers

Virtual work is different than traditional office settings. Because you will be sitting in the same room all day in your house you may want to make it look and appeal to you as much as possible. With boats you have some limitations so I created multiple spaces. One outside, one inside, one on the couch area....different places to work. I also spend some time in coffee shops so I can work and get out of the boat. 

This is kind of a cool space. I made it using crooked bamboo poles that I won't use for mallets. I then used them to create a canopy frame out of bamboo, pvc pipe ends and hockey tape. That was just to test the idea because I want to take it down when I leave without having to work too hard. It held up well in the wind while at the dock so I think there are a couple of places where I can make some of the connections permanent through glue and twin to strengthen it even more. 

I had to get creative because I wanted a nice cool space to work that blocked me from the sun. I went out and got a "hippie wall covering" from Ocean Beach and then slung that over the top with some bobby pins. I didn't make it tight because I want it to not get caught in the wind. It works perfect!

I can sit out there and work in the shade. If the sun comes in from an angle I can just put up another sheet. I ordered on Amazon a heavy cloth canvas cover with ringlets I can put over the top for rain and then use white sheer drapes on the sides to make a Coco Cabana/Cabo type feel to it. I will post pictures when I get around to getting the drapes. 

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