Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Jim Paulsen Chief Investment Strategist Discusses Investment Breadth and Concerns

Investment is highly important for our country as companies are launched and financed through our markets. I'm trying to learn more about big investments and how it might impact places like Delta County Michigan that have potential for investment in local businesses and tourist related micro-manufacturing. Investments can lead to long-term development of multiple income streams.  

To that end the video discusses small cap stocks and diversification. I'm wondering if a city/county could create an investment fund that would allow larger investors who want to finance local business can buy into the fun and local business mix. 

Within each fund is a battery of local businesses that helps investors build a market through investment planning. It will also allow multiple businesses to grow together. For example, if I wanted to spark a micro tourism manufacturing clusters I might have small businesses with that cluster in one fund. Therefore, investment money moves directly into that cluster and those businesses that are likely to create the highest return on investment. 

That might be a good idea if investing in packs with larger funds leading to high growth for the individual business and even higher for the fund as a number of businesses that are growing and developing off of each other within a high innovation market lead to even higher growth rates. 

I'm not sure if it has been done. Probably it has been done a lot. Yet if can try and create these special funds (assuming they don't already exist) we can push innovation up faster than investing in individual businesses alone. New industries and new businesses for Millennial might be a good thing. 

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