Thursday, August 6, 2020

Governor Whitmere Discusses State Financial Issues and Racism

The state has financial issues highlighted by COVID and a need to look at racism in society. Let me add that should include bigotry of any type. Finances are a problem for Michigan but also for the entire nation. I'm not sure how we will pay for all of these needs on state and federal levels. I'm wondering if printing more money and its impact on the value of the dollar through inflation. I'm curious how this will work out. I think there are opportunities to reallocate money but to actually create new wealth is a much more complex process. My opinion is economic clusters that spur innovation, new businesses, infrastructure changes, adjusting to create relevant education, review of legislation, and encouraging investment can change the landscape for a higher competitive position in the future.

There are discussions of racism in Michigan. It is a good discussion in so long as it universalizes the Justice System, includes people of all backgrounds to create a true capitalistic society, and seeks to eradicate bigotry. When I say capitalistic I mean that race and religion don't impact a person's income and opportunities and doesn't influence how justice is served from one community to another. The bigger goal should be a single society where we see ourselves as part of the same nation that creates universal opportunities for success that draws everyone together. Thinking of ourselves as separate communities is no longer helpful as we should be one people with different seasonings. 

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