Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Governor Whitmere at DNC Video-Listening to Societal Stakeholders

Here is a video of Governor Whitmere at DNC. While I'm a Republican and I know that politics is politics I do recognize the need for leaders who can work across the isle and put America first. As Americans we should be aware of what the national dialogue is and what is most important to people. It makes no difference whether we are Republican or Democrat because I believe we all have a stake in how our nation turns out. If we can get our leadership working together on both sides and truly listen to what each other is saying we can probably come up with some great ideas, focus on solutions, and work together to rebuild our country and opportunities for this generation. 

One of the ways to find solutions is to be divergent and listen to the essential messages of multiple stakeholders to find the best path moving forward. When I worked in labor relations and negotiations I found that thinking about and being informed of the different needs of the parties involved can help immensely in bringing forward win-win solutions. I think the next generation deserves that from both major political parties. Fingers crossed. 

I will be posting some Republican stuff as well when we get to that point. Republicans and Democrats in Michigan worked together on opening schools and doing some good stuff and I hope that bi-partisan approach catches on. That doesn't mean people need to compromise their principles it means that often what we think we are opposed to isn't the essential issue so there is plenty of room for compromise. For example, encouraging successful business and manufacturing leads to improved wages. Thus, we can't say it is all over here or all over there. We can say that if we can find what our most important national goals are we can draw in the different stakeholders to find solutions that push the country forward in a bi-partisan way. Yikes I always get hammered by idealism. Sometimes I think realism isn't the best path forward all the time. I think most people want to do whats right for our nation but have different ways of getting there. We can find a path forward. 

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