Thursday, August 20, 2020

Governor Whitmer Announces New CARES Act Funds for Schools | Press Conference, August 19, 2020

Discussion on education and funds within the state. There is a need to keep up wearing masks as the cases in the state decline. Numbers of businesses have suffered from closings, some of which is necessary and some debatable, but the faster we can get rid of this disease the faster we can restart our economy. 

What I think about is how traditional education and learning take some time to master. I would suspect the quality is a little lower this year than many other years. We are likely going to have some difficulties in terms of transitioning from a system that has mostly been face-to-face. 

Some limited money is available for this transition. 

The same process of growing pains is occurring between online and ground based higher education. Traditional professors do not always have the training and experience they need to function fully in online education. You would think seasoned online professors would be in high demand. We still have a preference for traditional academics. We need both today!

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