Saturday, August 29, 2020

Free Online Economic Book to Read-Industrial Organization

 Its important to keep up with new knowledge and changes. So when I can get a free book of good quality I will definitely worth the time to read it. The book "Industrial Organisation" from Oxford Economics is free to read. I don't think you need to join anything. Just click the link. I checked on Incognito mode and it still worked.

It covers great topics such as Theory of the Firm, Transaction Costs, Innovation and Game Theory. All the good stuff. It is what I based the fundamental principles of my own theory of Clusters and Transactional Costs on. I'm applying that to a specific example Delta County Michigan to understand how it might help/not help communities such as theirs where there is a lot of underutilized potential. 



Agarwal, A. (2007). Industrial Organisation. North-Holland Is an Imprint of Elsevier. 

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