Monday, August 31, 2020

August 31st 2020 Market End-Sell Off! Shift on Trade War Concerns?

 There was a market sell off and impacted a number of indexes. Healthcare and utilities seemed to do well and so did some technology stocks. Technology took a pretty big hit. The pull back seems to represent a market shift more than just day-to-day market activities. There have been some change in market perception and thus trading adjusted accordingly. For example, a decline in Walmart and Boeing declined a little. We might be able to see this in strong performers for the year having a higher sell off rates but what happens to that cash in a few days will be more telling. One could argue there are a lot of issues going on such as unrest the U.S. and trade wars with China that could lead to some shifting. Market correction sell offs with improvement in business investment and household income could also mean business activity is poised to increase soon.  

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