Monday, August 24, 2020

Amazon Prime Fresh Service - No Need to Walk

A friend turned me onto Amazon Prime Fresh Service. While traveling or in San Diego I don't always have access to a car so I'm left hoofing it with my bike, taking public transportation or walking. Its not as bad as it sounds and one does get used to it. The exercise helps me stay in shape but I realize that many cities don't have the same level of public transit infrastructure like San Diego. 

So if I want to enjoy a day without biking, walking or other forms of manual labor I might consider using a delivery service. I will use it if its going to be convenient and not be a hassle That is something called customer annoyance factor, or hassle factor if you prefer, which will often push your customers away. If your customer gets annoyed using your service or system they will not come back. 

 Thus, you will want your customer service and easy of use to be high so as to retain your customers from trying out new services and websites.

So what I found was that many of the delivery services either charged too much or were delivered a few days later. I hope that wasn't their full blown attempt to serve Millennial's or people who don't want to go to the store during a pandemic.....because they need some work. 

For the first time I tried out Amazon Prime Fresh based on a recommendation and as long as you had $30 bill they delivered for free. That is really good if you can lower the amount of times you buy and just bounce up your bill a little. 

The other benefit I liked is that they allowed you to have a delivery window the same day. That means I can order in the morning and have it a few hours later. Not bad!

It is possible to live a life in transit as long as you try and adapt to the more digital world around us. Having items delivered means I don't have to leave the marina unless I really want to. I can stay home and work! work! work! ....ok maybe a good balance is better. :) I have a few other projects I'm working on as well so not needing to take a lot of time to go places helps. 

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