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08/31/20: President Trump Holds a News Conference

The President discussed a number of issues as they relate to the markets, economy, politics and protests.  What you do see is the differences between how Democrats and Republicans view a particular situation. Two different interpretations for the same event. We can see how perception creates reality. There is a lot of great stuff in it so I would watch.  

August 31st 2020 Market End-Sell Off! Shift on Trade War Concerns?

 There was a market sell off and impacted a number of indexes. Healthcare and utilities seemed to do well and so did some technology stocks. Technology took a pretty big hit. The pull back seems to represent a market shift more than just day-to-day market activities. There have been some change in market perception and thus trading adjusted accordingly. For example, a decline in Walmart and Boeing declined a little. We might be able to see this in strong performers for the year having a higher sell off rates but what happens to that cash in a few days will be more telling. One could argue there are a lot of issues going on such as unrest the U.S. and trade wars with China that could lead to some shifting. Market correction sell offs with improvement in business investment and household income could also mean business activity is poised to increase soon.  

Stocks, Bonds, Dollar Lower-CNBC TV18 LIVE

 I like watching the market news because when the market changes everything else changes around it. What we pay in interest rates were seen in market changes prior to this. Today there was a stock, bond, and dollar sell-offs which could indicate some panic but is unlikely unless it continues. I would think it would mean something more along the line of market shits. Something more fundamental is occurring and that is why we see some push for liquidity and cash value by investors. I'm curious to see what is going to happen.  Luxury goods are down and some of that is blamed on the issue as it relates to China. It could be that investors feel that the COVID situation has gone on a long time and there may be some market shift jitters that impact high end purchases. Some people are thinking about carrying wider "boring" funds with traditional and stable stocks. Lets wait and see....

Violence Between Protestors-Do We Choose the Easy or the Hard Way?

We are in a culture clash as rival protests groups become increasingly violent. This conflict isn't so much about police and justice reform as it is about cultural difference. If we deal with these issues right away through a natural discussion we would have moved through this troubling times with more ease. However, we wait to deal with the issue directly and in turn justice and our politicians were struck like "deer in headlights" with what to do next.   I don't blame them because we have been frightened on the discussion of American identity and race. So people on both sides don't really understand all there is to know about the people on the other side. We need to directly deal with the essential values of what makes someone an American and in turn how our miscued judgments lead to racism.  People are fighting about legitimacy and full consideration in society....police and justice reform are symptoms of the main concerns....and thus having discussions that br

Tested Out Diving Equipment-Found Industrial Junk

I bought some used diving equipment and went diving this morning. I have been sort of lazy about it working on other projects and work and stuff. However, the weather was nice and the water was clear so I put all my stuff in the dinghy and took off! I tried out a new/used tank strap and put it in wrong like three times before I got it right. Its still not perfectly tight but there is something I'm doing wrong. For the time being its doing its job and will have to play with it until I get it right next time. The used mask and snorkel worked great. I don't like the hard plastic type seals. I looked for a higher quality rubber mask seals and a good quality snorkel that can be used on the left or right side.  Didn't find anything important but I told some anglers where they drop off was so they can fish by the ride. They asked me if I could see fish and I told them there were a few small ones but I would look on the ridge because it was sunny and warm out. They may want the dee

Little Book Findings 50 Cents-Hume and Anthropology?

Books may well be on their way to the past. Walking down OB I come across a book shelf on the sidewalk that says "Books 50 Cents Each). This isn't the first time I've seen this antique door do it. Sometimes you find some great buys on a beach main blvd. Little crumbs of knowledge in the old way we used to store information----on paper! David Hume Philosophical Historian and an Introduction to Physical Anthropology for a dollar! šŸ˜

Making Your Unique Office Space for Virtual Workers

Virtual work is different than traditional office settings. Because you will be sitting in the same room all day in your house you may want to make it look and appeal to you as much as possible. With boats you have some limitations so I created multiple spaces. One outside, one inside, one on the couch area....different places to work. I also spend some time in coffee shops so I can work and get out of the boat.  This is kind of a cool space. I made it using crooked bamboo poles that I won't use for mallets. I then used them to create a canopy frame out of bamboo, pvc pipe ends and hockey tape. That was just to test the idea because I want to take it down when I leave without having to work too hard. It held up well in the wind while at the dock so I think there are a couple of places where I can make some of the connections permanent through glue and twin to strengthen it even more.  I had to get creative because I wanted a nice cool space to work that blocked me from the sun. I w

Bloomberg Free Online Stream LIVE-Global Financial News

This is a free live stream for business enthusiasts and investors. As you know Bloomberg has a great name in the business world and provides some strong content. This stream provides information on Global Financial News which helps us understand how business is impacted by global activity. It is one way people can understand the markets and how they function across the globe to influence local things like our towns and jobs. It is important to understand where and how the markets work to better understand economic development. 

Free Online Economic Book to Read-Industrial Organization

 Its important to keep up with new knowledge and changes. So when I can get a free book of good quality I will definitely worth the time to read it. The book "Industrial Organisation" from Oxford Economics is free to read. I don't think you need to join anything. Just click the link. I checked on Incognito mode and it still worked. It covers great topics such as Theory of the Firm, Transaction Costs, Innovation and Game Theory. All the good stuff. It is what I based the fundamental principles of my own theory of Clusters and Transactional Costs on. I'm applying that to a specific example Delta County Michigan to understand how it might help/not help communities such as theirs where there is a lot of underutilized potential.  or HERE   Agarwal, A. (2007). Industrial Organisation. North-Holland Is an Imprint of Elsevier. 

Small Business Adaptation of New Polo Mallet Features-New Weighted Head!

We listen to our customers regularly to see how to improve our products. We want to make one of the best most affordable American made mallets on the market. Each time we hear feedback we make adjustments and keep increasing our quality. We had high rankings before but want to be the absolute best we can be at Escanaba Polo Mallet Company . There are some steps I follow to gain as much feedback methods as I can to make improvements and changes. 1. Review Customer Wants: Everything goes back to your customer and what makes them happy.  2. Define the Problem: We had a few people indicate they would like to see a heavier head. I couldn't agree more so I set upon a path to weight the head while still following my good works objective of sourcing locally.  3. Experiment: Experimenting with different methods makes a big difference in new solutions. I experimented with different styles and weights and found what works best. Through experimentation I came on a process that works well for m

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell Discusses Monetary Policy

The presentation was stuffed full of little details. I suspect there were a lot of people watching for business reasons and seeking to look into the crystal ball of what the Federal Reserve plans to do next. The video helps highlight how solving our societal problems means we need to use different tools in places where they are most effective. To me, this is supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of Millennials to help them create more of their own opportunities and bring manufacturing back to the U.S. That will only happen if we have policies that encourage low interest business loans match with local, state and regional stakeholder policies that attract investment and entrepreneurship.  Its their new world anyway.......

Inside Higher Ed Article on "Moody's: Coronavirus Drives New Business Models, Disruption for Higher Ed"

I'm reading the article, " Moody's: Coronavirus Drives New Business Models, Disruption for Higher Ed " by Rick Seltzer and what I find is that our environment forces us to adapt and change in ways that we have a hard time grasping until we have few options left. Online education has been growing for some time and there is not a strong case for including more of its strengths into higher education models. The pandemic highlights a few things that we should consider..... Online Capacity Building: Its hard for universities to build up their online offerings because of culture and expertise. Slowly, online education has become a viable option for professor employment and work arrangements. If we transition thoughtfully, we can integrate traditional teaching modes of thinking with more nimble online development. There is a balance to be played here in tradition and adaptation. Sometimes we may want to consider constructing that capacity in homegrown initiatives or buying t

Dealing with Unclear Business Decisions: Application of Evidence Based Thinking Principles?

Graduating MBA students are taught to think critically and use evidence in their decision making. When the information isn't there they will need some way of making sense out of market fogginess. Utilizing evidence based decision making will help you think critically about decisions but also be able to develop new research that can lead to novel market findings. Using evidence and filling in the gaps when information is missing is part of what innovation is all about. Helping graduate students understand evidence based decision making and how to dealing with market ambiguity is important.  While it doesn't always make financial sense to continue to dig for more information it does make sense to use some type of model to understand ambiguous information and make sense of it. One of the reasons why it is so frustrating is because there are lots of different possible outcomes and it takes a while to sort through all the different ways things connect and reconnect. Lots of mental s

Education Research Service Projects (ERSP) by The American Educational Research Association

  Education Research Service Projects Program Special Call for Proposals Deadline: August, 31, 2020   The American Educational Research Association is currently accepting proposals for a special cycle of Education Research Service Projects (ERSP) initiative grants to address the dual pandemics facing education and learning in formal and informal contexts: COVID-19 and systemic racism. AERA’s Education Research Service Projects initiative encourages education researchers to offer their pro bono expertise to educational organizations, institutions, or other community groups that have identified and expressed a need for such assistance. The ERSP initiative provides small grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 to defray direct costs involved in these projects.   Special Call for Projects Focusing on the COVID-19 and Systemic Racism Pandemics The COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered the physical places where education formally takes place in the United States and across the globe, from childcare t

Jim Paulsen Chief Investment Strategist Discusses Investment Breadth and Concerns

Investment is highly important for our country as companies are launched and financed through our markets. I'm trying to learn more about big investments and how it might impact places like Delta County Michigan that have potential for investment in local businesses and tourist related micro-manufacturing. Investments can lead to long-term development of multiple income streams.   To that end the video discusses small cap stocks and diversification. I'm wondering if a city/county could create an investment fund that would allow larger investors who want to finance local business can buy into the fun and local business mix.  Within each fund is a battery of local businesses that helps investors build a market through investment planning. It will also allow multiple businesses to grow together. For example, if I wanted to spark a micro tourism manufacturing clusters I might have small businesses with that cluster in one fund. Therefore, investment money moves directly into that c

Michigan Gov. Whitmer COVID-19 Briefing 8/25/2020

You may want to watch the video. Flu shots and business opening. What she says about flu shots makes some sense especially if the risks are low, its covered under most people's plans and readily accessible. There is no need to compound problems unless it is necessary. Since the two diseases have similarities they want to risk compounded variables. Also if there is a preventative aspect then it might be wise to get one. 

Republican and Democrat National Convention 2020 Day 1

  Republican National Convention Day 1.... Democrat National Convention Day 1....

Kenosha Shooting: Now is the Time for Our Nation to Think About Long Term Solutions

 Kenosha Wisconsin shooting helps us think about race and perception in our nation in a way that we have never done. Our nation is based on fundamental values that tie us together. We are in a cultural transition and there will be people lining up to ensure their perception is the loudest voice in the room. People are angry, upset, and have low levels of trust in public institutions.  A good article to read is Illinois teen arrested in fatal shooting at Kenosha protest, police say   Be forewarned there are some fairly graphic pictures in there.   It provides a kind of time line of what they think happened. Its not good people! Now is the time to think about our long term goals as a nation before more people are hurt. The roots that make up the arguments are long and they are deep touching upon national wounds. This is one of those conflicts that must be felt for national reconciliation. Its been a flash point for a long time. Whether we accept the need for universal justice and capital

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy Defends Changes

 The post office debate is a big one and I won't go too far into it as it is highly contentious. I do understand the need to reform systems and the revenue needed to support their existence but I also understand the vital nature of service this institutions provides. Changes may also mean ensuring there are transition periods so that radical change doesn't overwhelm peoples abilities to change and adapt to changes. Pushing too hard to fast for change leads to some backlash. They call this the "human nature" of organizational strategy adjustments. There appears to be some other political arguments as they relate to voting election time so I will just stay clear of that conversation for now. šŸ™ˆšŸ™‰šŸ™Š

Paralanguage and Communication Capabilities

Language is one of the most fundamental aspects of our life and society. Without language we are stuck with little ability to work together as a group and share resources for mutual survival. It is what helps us formulate culture and come to understand each other in a way that defines fundamental values. Understanding para-language leads to higher levels of awareness and knowledge of our social world.  Language relies on the verbal and non-verbal information. By providing context to language through tone, volume, etc.. that are nonphonemic in nature.  When used well paralanguage can use to support better better ideational, interpersonal and textual information that leads to stronger meaning and communication (Martin, & Zappavigna, 2019) Typically this is done verbally but it can also be done in written form. As we become more familiar with written language we will train our brains to find written paralanguage attributes within the word choice and prose.  Let's think of this as

Steve Rattner: U.S. Economy Is Still In Shambles-A Couple of Thoughts on Higher Education and Job Changes

I'm listening to the news this morning while working and thinking about what Steve Rattner, New York investment asset manager and economic commentary, was saying about a slow down in hiring. He could very well be correct in some of his predictions and warnings. As companies adapt they shed old systems and move more toward more effective emerging platforms such as virtual business structures. The virtual can make us more productive and lessens the need for costly physical presence (i.e. large office building). It should be noted we will also find there are certain types of businesses where physical proximity during the day impact performance in a positive way. Each industry will create its own standards (more virtual or physical) based upon shared modes of business that allow such companies to work together effectively within a supply chain.  I wonder how long this employment trend will continue as we also know that Digital GDP can speed up economic activities as organizations (and

Kenosha Police Shoot-Leaders Should Act To Solve the "Crisis of Trust" in Justice

We are in a time of transition and its time to start thinking about things in new ways. Its been that way a long time and yet we haven't fully grasped the concept that our society continues to move toward the free. While we will always need police, and should respect those good officers that help people, sometimes there are events that sting our moral sense and fathom the mind on how long will it take to create a proper review process so as to avoid future incidents such as this.  HR practices follow standard protocol. If an employee receives one complaint "ok" if it is not serious...its a reason to engage in more training. If an employee receives multiple serious allegations of misconduct and we take no action we consider the term negligent if a situation such as the Kenosha Police Shooting occurs down the road. Leadership has responsibility to ensure they understand their crew and are willing to remove "bad apples" when necessary. I must say that I know a lot

Amazon Prime Fresh Service - No Need to Walk

A friend turned me onto Amazon Prime Fresh Service. While traveling or in San Diego I don't always have access to a car so I'm left hoofing it with my bike, taking public transportation or walking. Its not as bad as it sounds and one does get used to it. The exercise helps me stay in shape but I realize that many cities don't have the same level of public transit infrastructure like San Diego.  So if I want to enjoy a day without biking, walking or other forms of manual labor I might consider using a delivery service. I will use it if its going to be convenient and not be a hassle That is something called customer annoyance factor, or hassle factor if you prefer, which will often push your customers away. If your customer gets annoyed using your service or system they will not come back.   Thus, you will want your customer service and easy of use to be high so as to retain your customers from trying out new services and websites. So what I found was that many of the deliver

Days River Trail Volunteer Workers Needed-Delta County Michigan

 Delta County has a lot of trails for hiking, walking, biking, horse riding, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, etc... and many of those trails are maintained by volunteers. If you are in the area and want to volunteer then you can show up at the trail head. More information at WORK BEE TOMORROW AT DAYS RIVER! We will be getting started on the initial stages of hand building single track trails at Days River Pathway tomorrow at 5pm. If you are interested in volunteering meet at the trail head between 5-5:30pm. Some tools will be provided, please plan to bring work gloves and feel free to bring a garden rake or shovel. For more information contact Andy Claes at 906-280-5971

The Necessity of Employee Training

Corporate training is important for the success of an organization. New training in how to utilize emerging virtual technologies as well as other high technology solutions coming our way. Our nation has changed because of Covid and will come out a little differently. Evaluating the need for and the success of training programs is helpful. One could use a three stage model for assessing and improving training and development (Ashfra, Honeycut & Leach, 2005): (1) training needs; (2) training impact on trainees; and  (3) training impact on the firm Determining the effectiveness of training is important for the creation and development of stronger programs. We must understand the impact of such training on multiple aspects of an organization and its functioning. That sometimes requires us to use a model that will formalize what we are thinking.  By looking at training needs of the organization, and then how it will impact the trainees and its ultimate benefits of the organization we ca

Presidential Trump Holds News Conference on August 23rd, 2020-Plasma and Fires

The press release by President discusses putting resources to help in the firefight as well as the use of plasma to help COVID suffers. There is a 35% better survival rate for people who use the plasma. That is important...not 100%....but significant if the plasma is available and people get tested quickly.  There is some indication that with Warp Speed we are in a better position to get a vaccine by the fall. That time frame is pretty close so there must be something in the works. I think there are 6 companies that are working on it so investing in them is helpful. 

Different Lives for Different People-Dysfunctional Groups Limit Self-Actualization

A good friend and I sat last night over diner talking about the differences in life and how each person has their own unique flavor and take on the world. Our value systems and particular lifestyle influence the friends and company we keep and associate with. We judge each other and our social position based on things like who we hang out with, how many friends we have, our possessions, and our careers. What we don't often do is stop for a moment to think about why this is so important and whether or not there is a true right or wrong when it comes to our particular flavor in life.  A different times in our lives we are different things as we come to find our center ground. To not explore means we are stagnant and unable to understand ourselves or worse others. Eventually many of us do find ourselves, through exploration and insight, while the vast majority of of us adhere to a rigid self structure. There are a rare few that will integrate the different selves into a single identit

The Long Term National Dangers of Turning a "Blind Eye" to Community Crimes?

 We have been talking a lot about bigotry and racism because of the upheaval in society but also because these are long term existential threats to our country. I can also relate to some of what is being felt and said on both sides because I have some experience with multiple different types of societies within the U.S. To create a stronger nation and to draw people into a central view of what our country should look like we should have some serious discussion on the subjective application of law and who is ultimately punished. Different rules for different people create a "blind eye" and that detracts from our long-term strength. As a nation we want to ensure we maintain as much trust in the Justice system as possible. It is the leveler and authority on the relationship of the government to its people. Society will grow and develop the fastest if people, regardless of background, feel as though they are treated fairly. That doesn't mean treated better or with extra right

Feedback for Delta County Michigan Master Plan-Applying New Economic Theories

Revitalizing and rejuvenating Delta County to align and overcome new challenges presented by COVID and global influences needs new and unique ways of besting market challenges. The Master Plan offers opportunities to create a long-term approach to enhance the local economy and improve local life. I hear people complain about the Master Plan but I can't find a lot of things to argue about. Most of what it says makes sense and in turn will be helpful to the community. More activities, attracting younger people, encouraging different types of housing arrangements, enhance transportation advantages and attracting more industry into the area are all good recommendations! How this is going to occur is a whole different situation! I can't blame them as that requires a lot of time and research. I have a few ideas based on a larger theory I'm working on that could be useful here. If its helpful that is great and if worries. Yet I think that it will be helpful for framing

Governor Whitmer Announces New CARES Act Funds for Schools | Press Conference, August 19, 2020

Discussion on education and funds within the state. There is a need to keep up wearing masks as the cases in the state decline. Numbers of businesses have suffered from closings, some of which is necessary and some debatable, but the faster we can get rid of this disease the faster we can restart our economy.  What I think about is how traditional education and learning take some time to master. I would suspect the quality is a little lower this year than many other years. We are likely going to have some difficulties in terms of transitioning from a system that has mostly been face-to-face.  Some limited money is available for this transition.  The same process of growing pains is occurring between online and ground based higher education. Traditional professors do not always have the training and experience they need to function fully in online education. You would think seasoned online professors would be in high demand. We still have a preference for traditional academics. We need

Escanaba City Council Meeting August 20th, 2020

  Thursday August 20, 2020 Virtual Regular City Council Meeting Posted by City of Escanaba on Thursday, August 20, 2020

August 19th, 2020 President Trump Discusses Issues that Range from Iran to Race Relations

 A lot of things were being discussed in this press briefing. Everything from Iran to QAnon Movement. I never heard of QAnon until now and I don't know anything about them. As a nation we are likely in a cultural clash now where multiple voices want to be heard. There should be some middle ground between the different sides. We do know the justice system needs reform but that doesn't mean police are the enemy. Most officers do the best they can and it would be great if we can respect the profession and focus on those changes that ensure that "bad apples" don't ruin the names of good officers.  There is no far right or far left on these issues as there is only American lives that are being injured and a nation that limps along as it struggles with new ways of viewing the world. We must adapt as a country to ensure our Justice System is universalized but at the same time respect the risks and efforts many of our officers have willingly sworn an oath to. Sure...there

Governor Whitmere at DNC Video-Listening to Societal Stakeholders

Here is a video of Governor Whitmere at DNC. While I'm a Republican and I know that politics is politics I do recognize the need for leaders who can work across the isle and put America first. As Americans we should be aware of what the national dialogue is and what is most important to people. It makes no difference whether we are Republican or Democrat because I believe we all have a stake in how our nation turns out. If we can get our leadership working together on both sides and truly listen to what each other is saying we can probably come up with some great ideas, focus on solutions, and work together to rebuild our country and opportunities for this generation.  One of the ways to find solutions is to be divergent and listen to the essential messages of multiple stakeholders to find the best path moving forward. When I worked in labor relations and negotiations I found that thinking about and being informed of the different needs of the parties involved can help immensely in

Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport-One of the Nicest Airport Hubs

  I'm a fairly seasoned traveler. I plan on doing some more travel outside the states soon but as far as traveling in the states I've been to a lot of different places.  Airports are well...airports... and there isn't much to do except work on your laptop. However, Minneapolis has a very nice hub.  Not that you have control over all your flights and price but when warranted I would recommend going through this airport for your connection hub.  Lots of very interesting restaurants and places to sit and wait. I'm not a big fan of staring into a blank wall but I will say that when you turn airports into fun malls it makes the travel experience more fun.  For business travelers some of those expenses are likely reimbursable so they might as well enjoy while they are working and waiting. It feels a little like your on your way to vacation, Cayman Islands or something. 

White House Economic Adviser Discusses Impact of Financial Stimulus Response

 COVID was unprecedented and it is doubtful that any stimulus package would be perfect but it appears from this video that what was offered was pretty good and made a significant impact on our economy. When economic shock occurs the standard process includes creating liquidity in the market that props up certain sectors to keep them moving, spending, and adjusting.  There is some discussion on what is going to happen next. Congress is currently engaged in discussions on the next stimulus package. Targeted areas could be more helpful if we expect to launch out of a COVID economy. That is dependent on whether or not there is a vaccine or natural reduction in risk. If we are very close to a vaccine I think we should consider that in any package to ensure that we are using our money as wisely as possible.  We must also consider a medium and long-term plan on how to develop the economy. I have been working on a theory to develop the right environment to create clusters that in turn speed in

When Our Laws Are Subjectively Applied -What Aristotle Can Teach Our Public Officials about Protests and Justice

Ugly and immoral are not against the law as we are limited to legal jargon as poor carbon copies of justice. While the words are exact the application thereof is subjective. Aristotle believed in the fairness of justice as equity of the distribution throughout society.  Law is the framework by which we see Justice in our court systems but it is not the essential meaning or purpose of justice.  In history justice and legal jurisprudence have been different and we require judges to marry the two through wisdom. To have a just society we must think beyond our current laws and into the greater concept of justice as brought forward by Aristotle and other philosophers. Applications of justice are based on these essential philosophical truths. I think these philosophers can teach modern society about how justice can enhance society, or with its absence, slowly erode the framework of society.  Providing another example of justice in law but not justice in action. History is full of stories of