Wednesday, July 15, 2020

What Does it Take to be Ostracized by a Community?

Let me say that I have been ostracized by a group of people from this community. It was worse than that...they actively moved to damage my reputation and bring as many people into the fold as possible. Part of me is a little shocked but part of me also understands the deeper underpinnings of why this occurs here.

Let me say I started to date briefly one of this groups friends. She was so worried about what she was going to say about my Black kids. She needed a story to tell her friends and without that it was going to be an issue for her. She didn't like my response of "Tell them my kids are Black and their mother is North African Arab".

It didn't stop there. She was still very concerned and I asked her why it was so important to tell her friends anything. She responded that "It was and I don't understand!"

I can say that I understand now. That same group of friends engaged in a coordinated harassment effort and sought to draw as many people into a web of dishonesty in order to force me and my children out of town.

In normal circumstances these people would have been held accountable but in this situation they wouldn't because they were considered popular in High School from 33 years ago and local officials had a hard time stepping up to do what is right (Except a few whom I applaud). A type of small town dysfunction where people with low level bigoted values are at the center of a network of sports lovers and players. Of course, I'm an educated man who has experienced a bigger world so so I see something more different that this. I have a bigger responsibility to society and other minorities to ensure such behavior is understood and thwarted in the future. Intentional foot dragging is unacceptable.

Next Topic....What does it mean to be the "other"?

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