Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The Responsibility of PhD's, Doctors, Professors and the "Learned" in Society

Society is complex and has lots of moving parts. Many times we make decisions on partial information and we fail to improve our society. Doctors have a responsibility to raise society to a higher level. That can be very hard if people don't feel the same way or they feel their own personal agendas are more important than that of society. Leadership generally relates to intelligence but it doesn't always relate to better decision making. Thus, the role of professors can often be multi-fold but at the end of the day it is to learn, investigate, share, and improve the world in some meaningful way.

Trust me when I say this but there are others who don't believe this is important.

Being a doctor means we have responsibilities for things such as....

1. Helping people think through alternatives
2. Raising knowledge through research
3. Having moral aptitude to tell the truth while others cover their ears.
4. Leaving society in a better place then when you came
5. Encouraging politicians and others to be responsible and think beyond themselves.
6. Raise the functioning of the industries they work in.
7. Help to develop better policies.
9. Teach and train learners to find rewarding occupations
10. Help others create a meaningful life.
11. Engage in life long learning and share what you have learned.
12. When wrong occurs to stand up and do the right thing even though others fail
13. To seek answers.

You may want to read this informative article on the purpose of professors in society HERE

Howard O. Brogan (1961) The Duties of the Professor, Improving College and University Teaching, 9:3, 104-105, DOI: 10.1080/00193089.1961.10534161

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