Monday, July 20, 2020

Picking Up Trash While Diving in Gladstone-% of Polluted Waterways in the U.S.

Our environment is vitally important for our long term survival. I think we will find that out in the future as our environment has a bigger impact on our lives. Our environment impacts our health and our resilience to COVID and other diseases. It also can impact tourism and the economy through reduced environmental appeal. Likewise, there is a GDP cost to pollution that we are starting to calculate.

I came across this statistic that I thought was very interesting, The EPA states that 46% of U.S. streams, 21% of lakes, 18% of coastal waters, and 32% of the nation’s wetlands are polluted (EPA). I found that statistic in a pretty good article entitled "How Air, Water, and Plastic Pollution Affect the Economy".

My accomplishment today? World Pollution- 2 Pieces of Sheet Plastic

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