Saturday, July 4, 2020

Opt-In by Dennis Lennox The Detroit News and How that Can Impact Escanaba and Gladstone

Recently I read an opt-in article by Dennis Lennox in The Detroit News entitled Opinion: Coronavirus could revitalize northern Michigan. I don't often agree with many people's opinions but the article on how the U.P could be attractive after COVID seems to make sense. Because our market has fundamentally shifted the U.P. will have increased appeal for a virtual working class that want small towns, small schools, and a country lifestyle.

We can do more than that......

To capitalize on the changing national mood administrators and lawmakers in the U.P. will need to adjust focus and think of new strategies that can improve the lifestyles of local residents while maintaining the outdoor and nautical flavor of the area.

Here are three ideas that can be helpful in improving places like Escanaba/Gladstone.

1. Using Psychographic Marketing to Attract Talent, Investment, Interest: We may want to attract business owners, educated online workers, and people who enjoy the outdoors to maximize local resources.
Attracting SME Adventure-Venture Capitalism to Delta County (Escanaba & Gladstone) Through Neuroeconomics

2. Using Tourism to Improve the Downtown: The downtown of Escanaba and Gladstone could use a few more businesses and a new paint job. One way to do this is to sell properties to young entrepreneurs that want to get in on them tourism and tourist oriented micro-manufacturing start-ups. 
Using Tourism to Enhance Small Downtowns of Escanaba and Gladstone

3. Create Clusters Using Shipping, Manufacturing, Navy and More: It is possible to create a cluster utilize the change in national stance toward commerce. In addition, investments in the building frigates nearby and interest in resource extraction could be a benefit for the U.P. and Delta County. 

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