Thursday, July 23, 2020

Operation Legend-Investigating and Disrupting Violent Crime-Effectiveness & Responsiveness

The White House is making steps to stop violent crime in the U.S. It is important to support police officers that are protecting the public. That is a different argument then removing poor police from the field. Law enforcement still has the responsibility to protect the community from violent crimes. Thus, more resources can be helpful for this if it is done in a positive and supportive way that protects the liberties of individuals. 

Nations that have violence often don't perform as well nations where safe and open societies exist. We need safe neighborhoods and we need our businesses to be protected. That is different than an argument as it relates to prison reform, law enforcement reform, etc... We want strong, fair, and unbiased policing while they still hold accountable violent offenders; it is possible to have both together.

On its surface this seems like a positive step in the right direction. In addition we want to strengthen the internal controls of police to ensure there is more accountability for "bad apples" and ways of removing them when they are no longer serving their communities effectively.  We also want them to be able to take criminals off of the streets while doing so in the spirit of Justice and transparency.

So the big question our nation faces is how do we please multiple stakeholders? The need for effective policing and the need for fair policing. That is something we will work through in the near future. I suspect the next election will highlight these issues. I can say that no one has the right to use guns, threats of violence, or intimidation to achieve their personal objectives. We all should have the right to exist and conduct our daily affairs without drug or other violence.

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