Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Living a Varied and Healthy Lifestyle

We Americans are not as active as we once were. Driving a few blocks to the store, overeating, eating lots of carbs and lots of TV watching is not healthy. It adds up over the years and eventually our doctor begins to warn us about diet and exercise are important. Without change you are likely to continue down the path of declining health. You can create change in your life that leads to greater life satisfaction and health. 

I get it! We are busy and have jobs, kids, bills, clubs, and much more. Our lives are hectic! That doesn't mean we can't create a more varied lifestyle that leads to better health. No one says you have to go to the gym for three hours a day. That would get boring fast!

You can integrate workouts and healthy exercise into your life. For example, when you can take an elevator to your floor you may want to opt for the stairs. Perhaps its only a few flights but by then end of day you may have climbed it three times. 

Same can be said for lunch. You have an hour. Go speed walk around a few blocks and then sit down and have your lunch. 

During the day I like to do some sit ups, push ups and other integrated lifestyle activities. That may not be easy for everyone unless you have your own office. However, if you do it consciously all day and evening you can get in a couple of hours a day by bedtime. 

Furthermore, try and create variety. No need to do the same movement over and over like they tell you in the fitness magazines. The best health is when you have a variety of movements and activities that use different muscles in different ways. 

Try short spurts of different fitness activities like swimming, jogging, biking, walking, boxing, etc... Yes do your weights but make sure you do all of the other stuff too because our natural bodies require variety of movement and resistance types. 

I got this fitness certificate but don't use it to help others very often. Yet it did teach me about health so why not share the knowledge. Oh my doctor gave me a check up the other day and "knock on wood" she said I'm in great shape. 

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