Wednesday, July 15, 2020

When Locals are Not Held Accountable for Crimes to "Outsiders"

I'm going to continue on with my story. The part involved tried to provoke me into a fight in front of police officers in a local bar. I did not respond. It was on tape but as far as I know not a single person investigated it or took legal action against this group. The male friend of theirs told me, "Nice knowing you and then went over to talked to the undercover detective". Of course I wasn't supposed to know it was an undercover detective but I have seen her before.

I do feel sad that they were involved because they were dooped and I think they knew that. They knew something wasn't right and they did the right thing by not taking action.

The perpetrators friend started to try and provoke me. Calling names, trying to say things that would make me angry and being excessively rude. Suspecting the excessive nature of the behavior, I asked her why she was acting this way. She went to the bathroom and then called the perpetrator on the phone. Came back and indicated that the reason why she was trying to damage me and my children is because we were Muslim.

Before this I didn't realize that this was the issue. I thought it had to do with race and my children and it could have been a number of other things. I was more confused than anything.

I'm not sure how terrorism is defined or why no one went to investigate what happened. I can only say that it looks like because they view me as a Muslim, which I am more Muslim-Catholic and my children are Black, that there was no action taken. I'm not blaming the police here. I understand the liability side of it...they were mislead.

I don't want anyones money, what has been taken is already done, and I don't necessarily want anyone to get in trouble but I do want people to get the help they need and pretending it didnt happen isn't going to change anything. Maybe I'm making a mistake but I feel I have a moral obligation beyond myself here.

The problem is that the people involved walked and were not held accountable. There is more to the story. It included a number of months of coordinated harassment and people mocking me at every turn. Whispering my name when I walk by, shaking my hand and wiping it on their trousers like I was dirty, telling lies to others, and general group harassment. This of course for telling them it is not ok to be rude to me, tell my children inappropriate things. make inappropriate jokes, and becoming more aware of the depth of ill intent.

At the end of the day a Justice system that doesn't hold people accountable is no longer accountable to its citizens. There may be those who view people that are not working for them or who don't look like them as outsiders. Considering they involved a close personal law enforcement friend of theirs to engaged in a number of inappropriate actions I must wonder what kind of system sweeps this stuff under the carpet.

There is proof to these actions if someone takes the time to investigate. They only need to interview their friends, take a look at the tapes, and review the texts, and ask the right questions. It was wide and big. It doesn't appear that anyone took action. So I'm asking for justice now. I want to know why they were not held accountable. What type of system and what type of politicians and officials just turn a blind eye to justice?

I have little faith that people will stand up and do the right thing. This has taught me a lot about human nature. I am not oblivious to what may happen next. I may be a Muslim-Catholic and my children may be Black but we are good people and deserve basic rights. Our society needs to consider changes to their behavior and viewpoints if this is acceptable behavior.

If there is any law enforcement agency that has the moral aptitude or backbone to do what is right they may contact me for specific details. I maintain faith in many police officers and perhaps a few judges but I think that even they may be having difficulty understanding the bigger picture. Accountability could include counseling, working with minorities, or doing good works so that they can be led to a higher value systems. I personally cannot wish any harm come to those involved because I care about them but I also can't just allow zero accountability when their behaviors damaged children. Is there another moral way?

There are videos, witnesses, text, missing money, complaints, coordination and much more. When will we learn that we are part of the same society and the color of my kids or the creed that we follow should not be the determining factor in justice.

I am frightened that if no accountability is held here when the signs are obvious and evidence is available that the future of my children and other people's children will be in jeopardy. I would rather be penniless and poor than to allow my children to be put in harms way again. We have a greater responsibility to the next generation beyond our own needs.

Without some action...I doubt I will believe in our system to even do the basics to protect people from what appears to be a hate crime. I would very much like to turn hate into love so that the people involved can be a positive influence on society, their children, others children, and the world in general? There is more to this story still......

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