Sunday, July 5, 2020

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Coronavirus Update -Police, Budget, Schools!- June 30, 2020

Governor Whitmer updates on schools and Cornavirus. What is important here is that people need to be diligent and wear their masks. Young people may not be the ones who get sick but they are the ones who become super spreaders because they are in contact with so many people. Be safe this weekend and enjoy the holidays. B-Partisan budget agreement was reached for dealing with Covid-19 costs. Discussion of exporting cooperation between the two different parties to develop stronger policies.

Policing is an important one here......

Some discussion on policing adjusting. Some of the standard stuff like choke-holds, no-knock, false 911 calls, credentialing, auditing agencies, and mental health adjustments. Of these strategies the retention of officers to live and work in the same area, auditing complaints, and false 911 complaints are important.

Some of these are pretty good. Good apples are officers that should be retained and supported. However, there are officers that circumvent the law and don't often take selfies and post it on Facebook when they do violate the law. Thus we can't just rely on high level data to remove them. The ability to protect complaints and audit information is important. I'm assuming that false 911 complaints are a hate crime means also false police reports in general.

In a case I'm familiar with the officer has a record, supported a false complaint, and allowed a woman to slip into a coma because of his bigotry and the influence of social networks. Yet...he had issues his whole life and ever since he was a child was struggling with certain issues that pushed him to continually seek attention from others and to adapt increasingly rude behaviors. Thus, recruiting and credentialing are important to finding stronger officers, helping poor officers adjust, and remove those who "don't get with the program".

Living and working in the same area helps to ensure that people become accountable to their communities and become part of it. If this means someone can accept a job and then move their within a certain time frame it may help with recruitment and offering opportunities for officers to gain additional experience. I will have to look when the actual plan is published.

We are trying to support our officers, hold accountable bad officers, and build a system that can self-reflect and adjust. Policing will become more effective and strong recruiting will occur when the community is involved and a positive brand image is created.

Big Data is still impacting how we understand and see these cases. The data helps us make more sense out of what is actually happening and will likely become part of a stronger evaluation of how to handle future pandemics. This is one of the first times we have so much data in one setting because technology can now track them in a way we were not able to do in the past. We are slowly coming to the understanding that the entire globe and world functions of certain natural laws and systems that can be understood, tracked, adjusted and projected when the right kind of information is collected.

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