Monday, July 27, 2020

"Get Tuff" Government no Longer Works in All Cases-$ 8 Home Forfeiture and Common Sense

"Getting Tuff" government no longer works in all cases. I'm reading the article, "Michigan county treasurer rebuked for seizing retiree's home over $8 tax debt" by Andrew O'Reilly and I realize that common sense really failed here. Tax officials saw the technicalities of the law but failed to use reasonableness in its application. Government should work for the people and be based in what is best for its population.

Our governments role is not to enforce laws blindly but to do so with wisdom and knowledge. It is invented to help manage groups of people and keep order and togetherness. We as a people created a contract to be governed. However, when things like this happen a there is a lack of common sense we have to sort of rethink the type of people we put in positions of power and the way in which law is interpreted. 

Laws are laws but they are blind and like any good or bad ideology they can be manipulated. There are times when the application of a law goes against its very spirit. We see this all the time when two judges come to completely different ends of the spectrum but then fail to truly understand the significance of what they are doing and their role in society. 

I can say that we need a better way of managing our "railroad" in the future. We deserve smart, honest, and thoughtful people in our government that have the best interest in mind. I bet where mistakes are made like this on a regular basis there is little review of the blind processes and incentives in place that push to forfeit as many properties as possible. If that was their grandfather would they have done the same? 

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