Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Firefighter Practice and Workout-Up the Ladder with Gear!

We were doing some training last night and some of the firefighters climbed up the ladder around 70-80' with gear. It should be noted that it is already warm out and putting on all of that heavy fire retardant gear, oxygen mask, tank  and then heading up a ladder is not easy. I would likely have to make a couple of "catch your breath" stops...and I work out! If there is heat, smoke and flames its going to be insane.

Firefighting isn't the easiest job someone can do. Sometimes you can go a long time with no activity and other times its absolute chaos. Its a good occupation but there are risks involved. Often firefighting and EMT services are together. I have Basic Life Support Training which I used a couple of times at various places outside of FF so its something good to get. In one case, I was shopping and someone collapse on the floor and people started screaming. I didn't do much but check vitals and make sure he was stable until EMT showed up but its our duty to society. 

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