Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Dallas Federal Reserve President Robert Kaplan Indicates 2021 Strong Growth

Federal Research Robert Kaplan believes that 2021 we should see growth. I suspected that our third and fourth quarters will see significant upward swing assuming we don't have another large relapse. You can read about some of these April projections HERE.  I still want to see the numbers coming out for 3Q and 4Q this year. It is equally likely that because of this resurgence we can see this upward swing move a month or two to the right in a delay.

He indicates that we should wear masks. We can say that masks will help and further drilling into where these cases are rising and why. The video talks about indoor events and that is likely a contributor. There may be others and we are getting smarter about this virus. Obviously a cure would be the best case.

Below was my little graph....I want to see how close or far I am. According to my projection it will be Q1/2021 where we beat the previous economy but upswings would start to be noticeable toward the end of Q3 and really rise Q4. Next year we may have a powerful economy and a few years after, perhaps an even stronger economy, when the digital GDP and innovation/adaptation take hold. Watch the video.....

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